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Interview with our Fashion Design Program Leader Delphine Durieux
IFA Paris Voice

Interview with our Fashion Design Program Leader Delphine Durieux

By April, 2024No Comments
Delphine Durieux - IFA Paris Fashion Design Program Leader

At IFA Paris, we envision education not merely as a means to impart knowledge but as a vehicle to shape the future of fashion design. That is why we want to highlight the work that Delphine Durieux, our Fashion Design Program Leader, is doing to prepare the future generation of fashion designers. From our commitment to integrating real-world challenges into the curriculum to our unwavering dedication to fostering sustainability and ethical practices, every aspect of our fashion design programs reflects our steadfast commitment to excellence.

What is your vision of education and how is fashion a vehicle for it? What sets our fashion program apart from others?

“Our vision for fashion transcends mere style; it’s a conduit for shaping future designers who grasp the pulse of tomorrow’s challenges. We strive to integrate these insights seamlessly into our curriculum, equipping students with the precise skills demanded by the industry. Our program stands out for its responsiveness to global trends, constantly evolving to offer workshops and industry projects tailored to what the fashion world craves.

Our students and staff have access to WSGN, the world’s leading consumer trend forecaster, to create relevant pieces of work that can connect with a wider audience. Moreover, we have digital projects using Browzwear, that is the leading 3D apparel design software for the fashion industry, apparel design development, and merchandising solutions.”

How do you ensure that students receive both theoretical knowledge and practical skills? What opportunities are available for students to gain real-world experience, such as internships or industry collaborations?

“The core of our approach lies in balancing theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience. While practical skills are paramount, we also cultivate autonomy in our students, empowering them to navigate the complexities of the fashion landscape with confidence. Real-world exposure is not just a possibility but a priority. Collaborations with esteemed brands like Vans, Guess, and Bally, as well as innovative ventures with names like VEJA and startup initiatives, offer invaluable experiences.”

Can you tell me about any recent successes or notable achievements of students or alumni from the fashion program?  How do you stay updated with industry trends and ensure that the curriculum remains relevant?

“Our proudest moments stem from the successes of our students and alumni. Individuals like Hawi Midekssa, who not only founded the eponymous brand HAWII but also garnered attention in prestigious publications, epitomize the fusion of creativity and dedication emblematic of our programs. Hawii is a Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology Graduate and is currently enrolled in our postgraduate program in Contemporary Fashion Design.

Staying abreast of industry trends is second nature to us. We immerse ourselves in fashion networks, follow brands fervently, and maintain partnerships that provide direct insights into industry needs. We have established partnerships with tradeshows like Avantex and Who’s Next, ensuring our curriculum remains not just relevant but anticipatory of future demands. We are part of the Fashion Green Hub and the Circular Fashion Federation to ensure we have an active role in shaping the industry towards a more environmentally friendly model.”

How do our fashion programs incorporate sustainability and ethical practices into their curriculum? How do the programs foster creativity and encourage students to develop their unique artistic voices?

“Sustainability and ethical practices are not afterthoughts but integral components of our curriculum. We embed these principles at every stage, from design conception to marketing and production, instilling in our students a holistic understanding of their responsibilities as future industry leaders. This semester, for example, our first-year students from the Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion Design participated in the Ethical Fashion Triathlon, a contest where they were asked to redefine the notions of style and sustainability in the realm of sportswear.

Creativity flourishes in an environment where individuality is celebrated. By embracing the diverse backgrounds and cultures of our students, we foster an atmosphere where creation thrives, blending heritage with modernity to shape unique artistic voices. We encourage students to be part of different contests, like the Redress Award and the Pierre Cardin Young Designer Award, where they can express their uniqueness. Our graduation juries are also made out of practicing professionals to ensure our graduates’ projects are benchmarked against industry standards.”

What advice would you give to future students who are considering joining the fashion program?

“To prospective students, we offer this advice: perseverance is key. The journey of studying fashion is arduous, but with passion and diligence, any aspiration is within reach. Embrace the challenges, stay true to your vision, and watch your dreams take flight. And remember: never give up”

Unveiling Our Programs:

As Delphine Durieux expressed, the fashion program at IFA Paris isn’t a rigid path, but a vibrant tapestry woven with diverse opportunities.  Whether you’re a budding designer yearning to sketch your way to success, a sustainability advocate eager to revolutionize fashion, or a curious mind wanting to dip your toes into the industry, we have a program perfectly tailored to ignite your passion.

Undergraduate Programs: Embark on a comprehensive design journey with our Bachelor of Fashion Design or delve into the future with the Bachelor of Fashion Sustainability Design Major. These programs provide the foundation to become a well-rounded fashion professional.

Postgraduate Program: Elevate your design expertise with the Master of Arts in Contemporary Fashion Design. This program refines your skills and prepares you for leadership roles within the industry.

Short Courses: For those seeking a taste of the fashion world, our Fashion Studio Short Course offers a dynamic introduction. Additionally, specialized short courses in coveted areas like Creative Direction, Fashion Event Planning, or Upcycling Fashion empower you to focus on specific interests and gain valuable industry insights.

This rich tapestry of programs ensures there’s a path waiting to be discovered by every aspiring fashion enthusiast.  To embark on your journey, contact us today and explore how IFA Paris can transform your fashion dreams into reality!