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IFA Paris and Fashion Green Hub: A Partnership for Eco-Responsible Fashion
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IFA Paris and Fashion Green Hub: A Partnership for Eco-Responsible Fashion

By March, 2024No Comments
IFA Paris - Fashion Green Hub

Fashion school IFA Paris and Fashion Green Hub, an association dedicated to rapid sustainable transition in the textile sector, are committed to rethinking industry standards by collaborating through an innovative academic partnership.

Partnership Objectives

The partnership between IFA Paris and Fashion Green Hub goes far beyond a simple alliance. It aims to promote innovation, sustainability, and ethics throughout the fashion industry value chain. Through this partnership, both entities are committed to:

  • Promoting innovative and sustainable materials in clothing design.
  • Raising awareness and training students on the importance of sustainability in fashion.
  • Facilitating access to professional opportunities in sustainable fashion.
  • Encouraging research and development of ecological solutions for the textile industry.

Joint Initiatives

As part of this partnership, several initiatives are planned, including:

  • Themed Webinars: IFA Paris representatives will have the opportunity to take part in discussions and webinars organized by Fashion Green Hub, covering topics such as fashion and artificial intelligence. IFA Paris will also host webinars on key topics in sustainability and innovation in fashion, with renowned speakers such as Delphine Durieux. Additionally, the upcoming webinar, hosted by Delphine Durieux, will focus on “innovative materials: smart textiles, recyclable materials, renewable and bio-based raw materials”.
  • Access to Events: Students and staff at IFA Paris have access to three events organized each month by Fashion Green Hub, providing a comprehensive immersion into the world of sustainable fashion.
  • Data Sharing: Partners will have access to a common database, thereby promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange in the field of sustainable fashion.

By joining forces, IFA Paris and Fashion Green Hub are paving the way for a more responsible, ethical, and innovative fashion. This partnership reflects their shared commitment to a sustainable future for the fashion industry, where creativity and social consciousness go hand in hand.

And if you would like to study sustainable fashion, have a look at our Bachelor Fashion Sustainability or Fashion Upcycling Short Course.