Together with its directors and teachers, IFA Paris is privileged to be able to draw on the heritage of France’s historical know-how in the fields of art and design. We have made it our mission to transfer this “savoir faire” to younger generations, to draw out their creativity, teaching them the best methods and practices in the luxury sector in general, and particularly in the fashion sector. Our holistic pedagogical approach encourages all our students to go through a journey of personal and professional self-discovery, allowing them to transcend the norms and become unique industry leaders. Beyond academia, we aim to imprint within our students the values of rigor, elegance, precision and creativity. Our unique proposition lies in the diversity and dynamism allowed by the merging of 50 different nationalities within one student population. We pride ourselves in preparing our students into tomorrow’s headliners in the world of fashion and luxury, across all continents.


Our schools unite collaborators, teachers and students around the principles of humanity, mutual respect and efficiency. Responsiveness, flexibility, mutual assistance and commitment to excellence – all key principles driving the actions of IFA Paris. As an international educational institution, we have a duty to respect the laws and customs of our host countries. We are mindful of ensuring we earn the trust of our partners through a balanced approach in our interactions.
With a holistic approach, IFA Paris’ Online pedagogy allows us to accompany our students in a journey of professional self-discovery through a carefully crafted teaching and learning strategy. IFA Paris – Learn Online, the dedicated E-Learning Offer of ...