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Avantex Partner IFA Paris Hosts a Roundtable on The Future of Fashion
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Avantex Partner IFA Paris Hosts a Roundtable on The Future of Fashion

By March, 2024No Comments
Avantex Roundtable

This renewed collaboration promises to inject new innovative perspectives into the fashion industry. Students from IFA Paris fashion school, as well as startups from our fashion tech lab Foundry, will have the privileged opportunity to participate in this event in July, providing a conducive environment for inspiration and exchange for all industry stakeholders.

A highlight of this collaboration is the prestigious roundtable that took place in early February. Led by leaders from IFA Paris such as Jean-Baptiste Andreani, CEO, and Delphine Durieux, Fashion Design Program Coordinator, this discussion tackled the stimulating theme of “The Fashion Market in Europe, Horizon 2030,” highlighting Avantex Paris’s crucial role as a catalyst for solutions towards a more efficient and sustainable fashion industry.

By combining their expertise, Avantex Paris and IFA Paris are paving the way for an exceptional collaboration between education and the fashion industry. This event at Texworld Evolution Paris 2024 was an immersive experience, offering a unique vision of tomorrow’s fashion, where innovation and sustainability are at the heart of industry transformation. Stay tuned to follow the continuation of this unprecedented encounter between education, innovation, and fashion.

Jean Baptiste Andreani, IFA Paris CEO

Jean Baptiste Andreani, IFA Paris CEO

During this prestigious roundtable, fashion industry stakeholders gathered to deeply analyze the evolution of this sector in Europe towards the year 2030. The debate covered a wide range of topics, notably focusing on key aspects such as sustainable development, the importance of technology, and changes in consumer behavior. A highlight was the crucial importance for future generations to understand these major issues.

For IFA Paris, this collaboration with Avantex Paris holds considerable significance, aiming to confer legitimacy and credibility to the school while emphasizing its commitment to training the next generation of fashion professionals. To achieve this, the school implements high-performing academic programs based on the expertise and involvement of its professors.

IFA Paris also engages with its students by participating in events like Avantex Paris to enable them to meet suppliers, make discoveries in terms of new textiles, new technologies, and develop their own network to open up employment opportunities. The future challenges facing IFA Paris students highlight the need for students to acquire a solid understanding of this dimension. According to Jean-Baptiste Andreani, CEO of IFA Paris, “Major fashion houses must make it a priority and a given in their daily lives. They need to push to recruit students who have a good understanding of sustainable development.”

Furthermore, the evolving perception of fashion and its role as an advocacy tool were highlighted, illustrating the need to stay abreast of emerging industry trends. IFA Paris positions itself as a key player in promoting responsible and ethical fashion, training professionals capable of innovating while respecting current and future environmental challenges. Students are encouraged to engage in adaptive fashion projects and explore innovative solutions to meet the changing demands of the market.

The collaboration between IFA Paris and Avantex Paris embodies innovative synergy. It demonstrates a joint commitment to sustainability, innovation, and the training of the next generation of fashion leaders. This promising collaboration is fully anchored in the dynamic evolution of the industry and paves the way for a more sustainable and creative future for fashion in Europe.