“IFA Paris is a fashion school that offers students around the world a vast range of unique and tailored courses. We give our students the choice to study in three of the most up-and-coming, globally influential fashion hubs: Paris, Shanghai and Istanbul. The campus rotations allow students to gain unprecedented international perspectives on major fashion and luxury industry trends.”

Olivia Chai (Chairwoman) &
Patrick Kouzmine-Karavaieff (Chairman)

Olivia Chai and Patrick Kouzmine, IFA Paris’ founders

IFA Paris is a rare example of a truly international fashion school under totally independent management. While we have our roots firmly set in the history of arts and crafts in France, we meet the most exacting academic standards on a global scale.

Whether you choose to study in Paris, Shanghai or Istanbul, our international pool of lecturers boasts unparalleled expertise in the various fashion and luxury industry segments. Our multi-campus rotation approach provides a truly unique learning experience that mixes the classical side of fashion in Paris, the fast-changing fashion and luxury world in Shanghai and the well-connected and most strategic location for all kinds of trades in Istanbul.

Our course offerings were created based on real industry demand to help prepare students for life after their education. In keeping with its strategy to anticipate industry evolutions, IFA Paris has developed cutting edge programs in Fashion Tech and Sustainable development giving our students the unprecedented ability to be ahead of the curve. Our Postgraduate courses are built with the thought of offering a high-level education in the fashion and luxury fields to teach valuable skill sets allowing participants to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Today, IFA Paris has more than one thousand students from 50 different nationalities studying on its campuses. Our commitment goes beyond traditional education. We are dedicated to transform our student into key professionals driving changes in the fashion and luxury industries, in France, China, Turkey and anywhere in the world.

With a holistic approach, IFA Paris’ Online pedagogy allows us to accompany our students in a journey of professional self-discovery through a carefully crafted teaching and learning strategy. IFA Paris – Learn Online, the dedicated E-Learning Offer of ...