When following E-Learning Programs students often feel they are deprived from a physical contact with their lecturers and fellow classmates. Creating an environment where opportunities to socialize abound plays a big part in optimizing students’ learning curve.

Our dedicated E-Learning Offer of IFA Paris, is committed to recreate the conditions of a physical learning environment to provide every student with a fully immersive experience.


With its online to offline approach, IFA Paris aims to mix physical and online cohorts of students for its Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs. Every classroom in IFA Paris campuses are equipped with two cameras providing views of fellow classmates as well lecturers handling specific modules. The objective is to ensure that remote students can fully be integrated within class dynamics.Our lecturers are specifically trained to handle this dual Online/Offline Environment. For theoretical modules, lecturer assistants are present to manage and coordinate interactions.Group Projects are structured to allow a mix between students attending the program physically and those following it remotely. A virtual “makerspace” is available to our remote students through the access of various software and equipment.


The most frustrating aspect of an online program can be the impossibility to interact live with lecturers and other students due to time zone constraints. How can a student following an online program in Sydney have the same experience as one based in Europe?To ensure that all our students have a homogeneous experience, regardless of their location, we are leveraging on IFA Paris international network to create regional online centres. Our campuses in Paris, Istanbul and Shanghai will all be equipped to deliver the entirety of IFA Paris Online E-Learning Academic Offer.Enrolled students will be assigned according to geographic zones as follows:

Paris Regional Centre:

  • North, Central & South America & Caribbean
  • Europe
  • West & Central Africa
  • East & Southeast Asia
  • Oceania

Istanbul Regional Centre:

  • West, Central, South Asia
  • North, East & Southern Africa

Students in our online programs are initially assigned to a regional learning center based on their location. However, this may be subject to change depending on group size limitations.
While all IFA Paris Online E-Learning Programs will be delivered uniformly, regardless of regional centres, students will have access to their dedicated Student Services Office in an effort to provide a swift and efficient support for everybody.


All students enrolling in IFA PARIS Online programs will be given the possibility to download the full Microsoft Pack Office for free. They will have access to Microsoft Teams, the Learning Management System utilized by all students registered at IFA Paris.

Microsoft Teams has the following characteristics:

  • Ability to view the lecturers and other students (remote and physically present in IFA Paris) through a video interface
  • Screen sharing capabilities to have access to the presentations show by the lecturers
  • Dedicated group chats to interact with lecturers and students physically present on campus
  • Access to teaching materials, project briefs, assignment feedbacks and grades
  • Access to Stream, a dedicated cloud space on which students will have access to all lessons on a VOD Format
  • Synchronization with the rest of the software available on Microsoft Office Pack


IFA Paris has built its reputation for excellence through its tight connections with industry shakers and movers. Students following our programs remotely will also have access to selected campus talks, Art-Club Sessions, seminars and job fairs.


Thanks to an adapted academic calendar, IFA Paris students have access to internship opportunities during the Fashion Weeks in Paris. Whether you are interested in working backstage or in a showroom, we have a plethora of offers readily available to our students. Our academic programs also incorporate long-term internships which duration can range from 3 to 9 months.

Thanks to our AlumnForce platform, students enrolled in IFA PARIS Online E-Learning Programs will have access, in real-time, to the same offers provided to our students on campus. Whether you live in New-York, Moscow or Singapore, you will always be given the opportunity to fly over to Paris in order to experience the excitement of working in the Fashion Capital of the World.


Promoting a user-centric e-learning experience is an absolute necessity. At IFA Paris, we want our students to be in control of the way they manage their progression through our academic programs. Therefore, we have implemented a variety of initiatives allowing every student to take control over their own learning curve.


For our Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs online, IFA Paris has 2 specific tracks:

  • Academic Award Track

Students are enrolled in a set number of modules allowing them to receive an academic award upon validation of all their credits (180 ECTS in Undergraduate Programs – 120 ECTS in our Postgraduate Programs)

  • Custom Track

Students have the option of choosing from a variety of modules within their assigned level (Undergraduate or Postgraduate) to fully customize their learning experience. Upon validation of each module, our students will receive individual certificate of completion


Should students want to migrate from an online program to a physical one, they can do so in a smooth and easy fashion thanks to our IFA Paris Online Switch System. Changes can be done at the end of each academic year for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Online Bachelor Fashion Sustainability Design Major students must transfer at the end of the 2nd academic year as 3rd year is only delivered on campus. No mid-term transfers available for any of the programs. Please note that all our physical classes have groups of maximum 25 students to ensure the highest possible academic quality. Therefore, should students wish to switch from online to physical programs, they will need to notify their respective student services office at least 1 month in advance. IFA Paris Online students enrolled in a specific regional centre will be able to apply for a physical program in IFA Paris Parisian Campus (please note that access to physical programs in our Parisian Campus is dependent on obtaining a student visa. Students will be supported in their visa application process by our partner Feel Francais).


Learning about Haute Couture in Paris, being exposed to Luxury Hospitality in Istanbul or discovering the thriving media industry in Shanghai. These are a few themes of seminars proposed within our IFA Paris Online Postgraduate programs.

Students following our programs remotely will have the opportunity to join their classmates in IFA Paris Campuses to experience the fashion and luxury industries first-hand!


Our IFA Paris Online students follow the same program structure and academic calendar as our students present in IFA Paris campuses. Upon successful completion of their undergraduate and postgraduate programs, they will be invited to join our global graduation ceremony held at the end of June, every year, in Paris.

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