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Meet IFA Paris Alumni, the New Players in Today’s Fashion Industry
Alumni Success Stories

Meet IFA Paris Alumni, the New Players in Today’s Fashion Industry

By March, 2022March 29th, 2022No Comments
2019 Bachelor Fashion Marketing Graduate Dulnimit Masilela (left)

IFA Paris aims to train tomorrow’s fashion talents. Through various programs and teaching techniques, we strive to build tomorrow’s fashion industry with our students. We are proud to be a leading player in luxury and fashion education. We aim to maintain strong ties with our alumni by providing them with relevant information and useful services for their personal development in order to develop their careers.

Being part of the alumni network allows students to acquire a certification from IFA Paris. We believe that in order to keep up with the rapidly evolving fashion and luxury industries, our alumni must have constant access to the latest news and developments in the field. That’s why when former students joins the alumni network, he or she will have exclusive access to the Learning Management System. They can have access to all the information and documents of past modules and regular updates.

Here, we will hear from former IFA Paris students who are part of the alumni network. We will meet Dulnimit Masilela from South Africa, 2019 Bachelor Fashion Marketing graduate, Kamila Boudová from Czech Republic, 2013 MBA Fashion Business graduate, Selina Wilta from Indonesia, 2017 Bachelor Fashion Marketing graduate and Sabine Ducasse from France, 2012 Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology graduate. These four young women, from different backgrounds, all chose IFA Paris for their studies in fashion and agreed to answer our questions.

Can you introduce yourselves in a few words?

2012 Bachelor Fashion Design & Tech. Gradute Sabine Ducasse

2012 Bachelor Fashion Design & Tech. Graduate Sabine Ducasse

Passionate about fashion, Selina and Sabine explain, “I’m an extrovert with roaring creative ideas” and “I’ve always been passionate about fashion and art […] I’ve been a stylist for almost 10 years now and I’m still as passionate about my work”. They are also designers committed to the environment as Kamilia explains, “I am passionate about creating a meaningful fashion system that would benefit all its stakeholders and protect the planet for future generations.”

Why did you join IFA Paris? What course/training did you take at IFA Paris and when?

Their choice for IFA Paris was based on several criteria such as its international dimension, its Parisian roots and its price point, as they explain.

Sabine: I was expatriated in China, in Shanghai to follow my spouse, and I discovered IFA Paris Shanghai campus where I joined the Bachelor of Fashion Design program and graduated as valedictorian in 2012.

Dulnimit: IFA Paris is the only school I applied to and when I started, I immediately loved its international aspect. When you are there, you really benefit from being surrounded by people of different nationalities and cultures. In class, the discussions are fascinating, as our diversity brings about so many interests.

Selina: I chose IFA Paris because it is located in the heart of Paris […] and I knew that IFA was actually more affordable and worth the price compared to other fashion schools in Paris.

What did you learn at IFA Paris? What memories do you have of it?

Kamila: I think this list would be endless. I liked most of the modules. They gave me a solid foundation to launch my first entrepreneurial project, one year after leaving school.

Selina: We were really encouraged to think creatively, outside the box, and somehow it became a habit for me to think beyond what I see. […] To be honest, I am super proud to be an IFA Paris alumna.

2013 MBA Fashion Business Graduate Kamila Boudova

2013 MBA Fashion Business Graduate Kamila Boudova

Dulnimit: Cross-cultural communication. This is the most important thing I received from IFA Paris, I still use it today and it is so beneficial. It is essential if you want to have an international career.

Sabine: My three years at IFA allowed me to develop my creativity and create a visual identity and artistic personality to be able to make a difference in the job market once I graduated.

What was your path after leaving IFA Paris?

Sabine: After leaving IFA, I went to London, to Alexander McQueen for what was supposed to be a 6-month internship. I ended up staying there for two years as a print designer for the women’s collections. I then worked for Givenchy in Paris for 6 years […] I have since set up my own print studio

Selina: I got my first job at ZARA Indonesia as an assistant store manager right after graduation. Shortly after, I was hired by L’Oreal Indonesia in the Communication Division.

What are you currently doing and how did your IFA Paris education contribute to it?

Selina: One thing is for sure, if you graduate in fashion marketing from IFA Paris, you can go anywhere, it doesn’t have to be in fashion. Because learning at IFA builds the way you think, it doesn’t just give you the theories.

2017 Bachelor Fashion Marketing Gradute Selina Wilta

2017 Bachelor Fashion Marketing Gradute Selina Wilta

Kamila: IFA has remained in my life after graduation because it is one of the schools where I teach and the school is very supportive of my other activities towards the sustainable future of the fashion industry. I am daily using what I learned in my classes about negotiation and entrepreneurship and my Capstone project actually set the trajectory for my professional life.

Dulnimit: I’m currently a Master’s student at SKEMA. I wanted to complete my fashion background with general management knowledge. It’s interesting because I learn about different industries.

A reference/icon in the fashion and luxury sector?

Selina: If I had to have lunch with someone in the fashion industry, I would say it would be Anna Wintour, and if she says no, it would be Raf Simons.

Kamila: Christopher Raeburn.

Sabine: Alexander McQueen remains the true reference for me. He influenced me a lot and working in his house was a dream come true.

Finally, Dulnimit expressed the advice she would give to current and future IFA Paris students: “You really have to be proactive. Every day I choose to be proactive and that’s one of the reasons why I’m part of the Women@Dior mentorship program. Regardless of your grades, regardless of your work experience, if you are bold and work everyday, you will get where you want to be. Another tip is that it is very important in the fashion industry and business to network and meet people who guide and support you. At IFA Paris, almost every professor stresses the importance of networking.”