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IFA Paris Students Invited to Pierre Cardin Fashion Show at PFW
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IFA Paris Students Invited to Pierre Cardin Fashion Show at PFW

By May, 2024No Comments
Pierre Cardin FW 2024 Paris Fashion Week Backstage

For IFA Paris fashion design students, a dream came true. They received an invitation to attend a House Pierre Cardin fashion show during the Fall-Winter 2024-2025 Paris Fashion Week. This wasn’t just about the silhouettes; it was about immersing themselves in the excitement and energy of Paris Fashion Week and building connections with influential figures in the fashion industry.

Pierre Cardin: An Iconic Name of French Haute Couture

A true innovator and iconoclast, Pierre Cardin rose to prominence in the 1950s. He established his own Haute Couture house, a significant achievement that cemented his status as a design powerhouse.  Cardin wasn’t one to follow trends; he reveled in defying expectations.  His avant-garde approach saw him incorporate geometric shapes, futuristic elements, and the now-legendary “bubble dress” into his creations.

Pierre Cardin's Iconic Dress Bulle

Pierre Cardin’s Iconic Dress Bulle

His vision wasn’t limited to garments. Cardin became a true fashion industry pioneer by breaking new ground.  He expanded his brand beyond garments, venturing into accessories, fragrances, and even homeware. He further disrupted the fashion world by introducing a clothing line featuring his designer logo prominently displayed on the garments – a concept, commonplace today, that was unheard of at the time. While initially criticized, a common fate for many visionaries, Cardin’s boldness paved the way for other fashion houses to embrace a broader product range. Cardin’s foresight in both product diversification and branding solidified his position as a true leader and innovator in the world of high fashion.

In December 2020, the legendary fashion designer passed away. His great-nephew, Rodrigo Basilicati Cardin, assumed the leadership of the legacy fashion house Pierre Cardin as president and creative director.

A Unique Experience for Students: Tradition and Innovation in the Spotlight

Pierre Cardin’s show unveiled a collection that seamlessly blended the brand’s heritage with a future-focused vision under Rodrigo Basilicati Cardin. More than just a runway presentation, it was a testament to innovation.  The 50 models showcased garments that incorporated cutting-edge technology and sustainable fabrics, inspired by advancements in the space and maritime sectors. This echoed Pierre Cardin’s own pioneering spirit, forging a link between his legacy of breaking boundaries and the future of fashion – a fusion of style, technology, and environmental consciousness. From the customizable black and white shoes to the bespoke handbags and eco-friendly sunglasses, every piece exemplified this forward-thinking approach. This collection inspired by the iconic designer’s legacy anchors Pierre Cardin in the present, where sustainability and innovation meet timeless elegance.

This privileged moment allowed students in the fashion design programs at IFA Paris to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of Pierre Cardin, broadening their source of inspiration.

The Pierre Cardin Young Designers Award

The excitement extended beyond the show itself! Our Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology and Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion Design students were honored to be invited to apply for the first European edition of the Pierre Cardin Young Designers Award.

This recently launched competition (the first edition took place in the US in 2022) aims to identify fashion talents globally. Students from all over the world, currently enrolled in European fashion design programs compete through a selection process to earn a coveted spot among the 60 students chosen for a one-day workshop in Paris with the Cardin studio team.

Following this intensive workshop, a select group of 10 rising talents will travel to Rome for a magical final event, culminating in the prestigious award ceremony where the 3 winners will be unveiled.

Do you dream of showcasing your creativity on the world’s most prestigious fashion scene? Join us in Paris and launch your fashion journey with one of our undergraduate programs! Gain the design and technical skills to be one of tomorrow’s fashion talents