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IFA Paris Students Can Now Create 3D Portfolios!
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IFA Paris Students Can Now Create 3D Portfolios!

By January, 2022April 18th, 2022No Comments

The creation of 3D portfolios for IFA Paris students has been made possible by the cooperation between Cappasity and IFA Paris. Now, every student can use the 3DShot app to create immersive portfolios of their fashion designs.

The 3DShot app is a solution by Cappasity for 3D digitizing objects of practically any type (accessories, shoes, apparel, etc.) using only a smartphone. By BFD Graduates Leo Steffen & Mathias Prevaes

By BFD Graduates Leo Steffen & Mathias Prevaes

To create interactive content, the user simply launches 3DShot and circles the model. The app automatically creates a 3D View (a data format developed and patented by Cappasity) and saves it to the Cappasity account.

Watch how to shoot apparel in 3D with the 3DShot app.

It’s worth noting that every IFA Paris student will be able to create an account on the Cappasity platform to store their 3D Views. A student can use their Cappasity account to create a digital portfolio of their fashion designs. To show the portfolio to potential customers, employers, buyers, and team members, a student simply needs to share the link to their Cappasity account. Additionally, 3D Views made with the 3DShot app can be embedded into websites made on the most popular website constructors (ex. Wordpress, Tilda, Wix, Readymag). As a result, the students will have multiple tools to create their portfolios in an interactive digital format.

An immersive portfolio with interactive 3D Views of fashion designs gives students a valuable competitive advantage in the labour market. Adding interactive content to a digital portfolio helps potential clients and employers appreciate the pieces in detail, to zoom in to see the quality of the materials as well as garment’s cut techniques, and to better understand the designer’s vision. Unlike still images and videos, immersive content allows you to choose any angle for detailed study and bridge the gap between online and offline collection viewing.

By MACFD Graduates Manon Marasse & Pichaya Chaiars

By MACFD Graduates Manon Marasse & Pichaya Chaiars

On top of that, interactive 3D Views of fashion designs would be perfect for virtual “resee” appointments after a fashion show. Keeping in mind the new reality caused by the pandemic, this is a wonderful solution to be a step ahead and offer a virtual presence. So, when an editor would like to resee the collection it would be just one click away. The editor will simply open the 3D-digitized collection from any device and examine it distantly.

“Our goal is to become the golden standard for immersive content in e-commerce, particularly in fashion. Cappasity has developed a mobile application to digitize clothing collections quickly and efficiently with a smartphone camera. We are delighted to work with IFA Paris to help students create 3D Views of their fashion designs. We hope that the students will enjoy using the Cappasity platform to create interactive and engaging portfolios with their works” comments Kosta Popov, Cappasity CEO.

IFA Paris has been collaborating with Cappasity since 2019, and our partnership has already proven the effectiveness of using immersive technologies in the fashion industry. For instance, adaptive fashion designs by IFA Paris students for the 2021 Unthreadings Program were represented to the jury in the format of 3D Views and AR holograms created by Cappasity. High-resolution 3D Views of clothes allowed the jurors to inspect the designs in detail and evaluate the garment’s functionality.

The IFA Paris Graduation Fashion Show for the Bachelor Fashion Design & MA Fashion Design class of 2020 has also been transformed into an immersive experience with the help of the Cappasity solution. The graduates’ fashion designs were shot in a photo studio and digitized in 3D and AR with the help of Cappasity’s Easy 3D Scan software for mass production of immersive content.

By BFD Graduate Michelle Tjandra

By BFD Graduate Michelle Tjandra

The 3DShot app will allow all IFA Paris students to create immersive digital portfolios with 3D Views of their fashion designs, since the shooting process doesn’t require studio equipment or a professional photographer’s expertise. Young designers will be able to shoot their collections in 3D with a usual smartphone camera and create interactive digital portfolios in their Cappasity accounts. “Our solution is a part of a real life business model that stands behind any brand creation. To know the tools that would help you be better, present better and stand out from the very beginning of one’s career would be a great asset for any graduate,” says Kosta Popov.

“As a leader in fashion education, we deeply value this unique opportunity to provide our students with cutting-edge technologies to showcase their high-end fashion designs in 3D. Our collaboration with Cappasity will allow all our students, and more specifically the ones enrolled in our Bachelor of Fashion Design and Technology Online and our Bachelor Fashion Sustainability – Design Major Online, to create outstanding immersive portfolios in a matter of minutes and stand out in the extremely competitive fashion industry,” comments Jean-Baptiste Andreani, CEO of IFA Paris.

Feel free to click on the link below to experience IFA Paris’ students design in a 360 immersive environment: IFA Paris x Cappasity