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IFA Paris Courses in High Definition Thanks to New Interactive Boards
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IFA Paris Courses in High Definition Thanks to New Interactive Boards

By April, 2022No Comments

IFA Paris is a school driven by constant technological developments. We are regularly examining the future of fashion and the impact that new technologies will have on our industry. Technological changes are happening around us very quickly and it is important to keep up. Therefore, this industry must be in perpetual search of innovative solutions to ensure its success. We started from the premise that we had to change our way of working by following the evolution of this technological world.

Evolution of teaching: IFA Paris adapts to digital technology

The first Covid-19 confinement made us realize very quickly that we needed alternative solutions to traditional teaching. To respond to this emergency, we developed E-learning. These online courses allowed students to continue to follow their courses at a distance. We continued to develop this method of teaching, but it was not sufficient. Our hybrid courses (remote and face-to-face) were done with overhead projectors. This was not practical either for the distance or face-to-face students or for the teachers. We therefore decided to equip ourselves better to ride the current technological wave.

Touch technology for teaching

Since early March, students and teachers at IFA Paris fashion school have welcomed new boards in their classrooms to revolutionize the way they teach. SpeechiTuch infrared boards are based on the principle of a giant digital tablet and offer many new possibilities. Equipped with an integrated Android system that makes them powerful and predictive, the interactive displays feature a fast and customizable interface.

Default applications, a SpeechiStore application store and a toolbar available at any time are all advantages of these teaching boards 2.0. The touch screen allows for precise and predictive writing. It is the ideal tool for presentations, group work, hybrid courses and many other uses. Students at a distance or in a classroom will have real-time access to the teacher’s modifications on a document. They will benefit from a higher resolution on their screens (4K), improved audio quality, and will be able to express their creativity on adapted boards.

Two other new specialized boards for design courses will soon be available on our campus. The SpeechiTuch Capacitive screens are even more precise than other digital boards and allow a unique precision of drawing with more than 1000 different pressures to give thickness to your lines. We are excited for these giant graphic tablets to be installed in our classrooms!