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Gucci and IFA Paris Istanbul Provide Recruitment Opportunities for Students
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Gucci and IFA Paris Istanbul Provide Recruitment Opportunities for Students

By March, 2022April 6th, 2022No Comments

Gucci and IFA Paris Istanbul have recently come together to offer various recruitment opportunities to students. Students have been provided the chance to join Gucci’s internship programs, post-graduate projects, career developments and open positions.Online meeting with Gucci

Online meeting with Gucci

The virtual meeting brought a great amount of excitement to students and everybody in attendance. During this meeting, students were able to ask all their questions and gained information from Gucci’s encouraging team. They also provided students with a better understanding of the brand’s insights, history and vision.

Giulia Canola, EMEA Talent and Development Advisor of Gucci, went through the phases of recruitment process at Gucci and emphasized that at Gucci, they are looking for changemakers to build a new age community that supports inclusivity and sustainable methods.

Giulia also introduced the Gucci Retail Community program, a great program for recent graduates who have a passion for luxury retail and want to start off their career in the field. The program consists of six months in a Flagship Store and a twelve-month period rotating in four different office functions such as in Visual Merchandising and Client Engagement.

Istanbul campus students

Istanbul campus students

Gucci calls this 24 month journey “The Grade Journey” and the graduates who are accepted to this program become known as ‘The Graders’. Those who successfully complete said program have the opportunity to become a Team Manager in one of Gucci’s retail stores.

‘The Graders’ consist of profiles willing to relocate internationally and are enthusiastic to work at Flagships in London, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Dubai, Doha, Munich and Hamburg.

It is of high importance that IFA Paris students engage with the industry and remain updated on current trends, presenting them opportunities to further their knowledge and motivation.

At IFA Paris, we pride ourselves in creating partnerships that ensure our students make connections to prepare for their careers.

We are glad to be working with Gucci and are thrilled to see our students thrive in their future careers!

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