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The Bachelor Fashion Design & Tech. Gets a Digital Make-Over to Become a Cutting-Edge Program Also Available Online
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The Bachelor Fashion Design & Tech. Gets a Digital Make-Over to Become a Cutting-Edge Program Also Available Online

By January, 2022April 18th, 2022No Comments

Over the last couple of years, the fashion industry has gone through tremendous change and so has education since the advent of Web3 technologies and the pandemic. IFA Paris has constantly worked on adapting its academic programs and prides itself on constantly embracing new pedagogical strategies, more recently through the launch of its’ Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology Online Format. Currently delivered through the regional center of Istanbul, the program will be offered in the regional centers of Paris and Shanghai for the September 2022 intake.

The words Fashion and Education and Online seem, at first, like an oxymoron. “The challenges of implementing our Bachelor in Fashion Design and Technology Program online were numerous. Through the utilization of new technologies and a dedicated academic team, we were able to develop an efficient framework allowing our students to develop their creativity as if they were on campus” says Adile Cretallaz, Founder of IFA Paris in Istanbul.

You might then wonder how here at IFA Paris we managed to make it a reality? Here is how!

The first step was to adapt the already existing curriculum to an online delivery. While design-centered modules could easily be digitized, the biggest challenge revolved around the Production modules. IFA Paris has always provided a balanced curriculum allowing students to hone on their creative skills while at the same time integrating the notions of garment construction and couture, the two pillars that constitute the French Fashion Heritage.

Modules such as 3D Modelling, with the utilization of DC Suite, allow students to experience garment construction digitally. Following the creation of different pattern elements constituting a design, students can model them around an avatar as if they were in the presence of a real-life model or mannequin. Further software capabilities allow for the execution of a veritable fitting on said model as if done in an actual studio.

The software is remotely connected to the equipment present in IFA Paris Fashion Tech Lab in Paris. As students progress in their apprenticeship of 3D Modelling, they will be able to have models scanned in the body scanner in Paris to create a working avatar. A variety of them can be created in order to address specific requirements. For instance, in the context of the adaptive fashion project ‘The Unthreadings’, avatars of models in wheelchairs, or individuals wearing prosthetics, can be created and stored in the students’ clouds for future utilization. Access to 3D Printing as well as Fabric Scanning can also be done remotely for projects programmed in the second and third year of the Bachelor of Fashion Design & Technology Online.

Complementing 3D modelling skills is done through the apprenticeship of Lectra, the reference software in terms of pattern making. As early as the second semester of their first year, students are immersed in the universe of Lectra 3D and can learn the software from the comfort of their homes. Their patterns can then be sent to any Studio, or to our Fashion Tech Lab in Paris, to be printed with a Digital Tracer.

Some may think that new technologies are degrading the fashion experience, as it means visualizing designs on a 2D format on-screen. However, thanks to its partnership with 3D product imaging solution, Cappasity, IFA Paris is further dispelling this stereotype. All IFA Paris students have access to the Premium 3D Shot App package of the company. This allows for the creation of 3d – 360-degree photos of their garments or prototypes directly from their phone (for more info see article on Cappasity here). The app can also be used to digitize students’ assignments, or works-in-progress, to be shared with their lecturers. Lecturers can then rotate images they receive, as well as zoom in on finishings, to evaluate students’ projects accurately and provide them with the best possible guidance on points of improvement.

At the beginning of 2022, on top of providing remote access to WGSN, the most powerful digital tool for trend research, IFA Paris is going further in supporting its students through their academic research. With the recent acquisition of Bloomsburry Fashion Database, online students will be able to access hundreds of Fashion E-Books, Business Case Studies as well academic journals.

IFA Paris’ unique curriculum, combined with the constant integration of new technological solutions aimed at bettering students’ learning experience, makes for a veritable educational melting pot. Students come from 50 different nationalities while our teaching staff hails from 20 different countries worldwide. This multicultural component allows students to benefit from different perspectives which in turn, gives students the ability to analyze and solve issues in creative and unconventional ways.

Let’s hear what our online students have to say:

Anna Freund (Germany)

Anna Freund, Germany

“My name is Anna Freund and I’m a 21 year-old Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology student from Germany. Since my childhood I’ve dreamt of becoming a Fashion Designer and creating designs being recognized all over the fashion world. To fulfill this dream, I’ve finally started my fashion journey at IFA Paris.

Despite the current Pandemic, IFA Paris managed to create a unique online program, for those who want to follow their passion without any restrictions. Thanks to the possibility of switching to the campus, it fits perfectly to my needs.”

Megija Luiza Pudane (BFD Online)

Megija Luiza Pudane (BFD Online)

Megija Luize Pudane, Latvia

“Hello, my name is Megija, currently I am studying online at IFA Paris. I have always had an interest in fashion whether it’s styling, design, sewing, researching new fashion or other things. I had a difficult time of deciding where and what I wanted to study, but I am super happy and lucky with my decision. Every day when I have lectures it doesn’t feel like school, I just do what I like and would do on my own, but with the supervision of teachers explaining best methods, techniques and just having a great time while learning new subjects such as color theory, fashion history, construction, and drawing. Even if I can’t make it to a lecture, I am excited to wake up early one day and see the recording and catch up to what I missed. Tutors are super understanding and approachable, they send us more reference sources and materials to learn from even when we don’t have lectures that day, that means they go out of their way to actually teach interesting new stuff to us.”

Valentina Desiree Garcia Juarez (BFD Online)

Valentina Desiree Garcia Juarez (BFD Online)

Valentina Desiree Garcia Juarez, Guatemala

My name is Desiree, I am from Guatemala, and I am 19 years old. I started in fashion design since I was 10, my dream was to become a Fashion designer and study at a great academy in Europe, and finally my dream is coming true! The experience has been amazing, and lecturers are great. I hope soon I can move out!”

Sarah Dureiz (BFD Online)

Sarah Dureiz (BFD Online)

Sarah I. Duriez, Switzerland

“My name is Sarah, and I am 23 years old. I’m French and Spanish but have lived my whole life In Geneva, Switzerland. I currently moved to London, so it is a great advantage for me to attend classes online. Fashion has always been part of my life, but I previously went for the « safe » way by studying business. However, I figured out the fashion industry was just what i wanted to wake up for in the morning!

About my classes at IFA Paris, I absolutely love how it goes so far and is just what I expected. I get to wake up extra early in the morning because it is 3 hours earlier here in London, but it is always worth it. Teachers are great and passionate, which is even more motivating to follow up closely!! I am really looking forward to see what is next!”

Ghada Dermish (BFD Online)

Ghada Dermish (BFD Online)

Ghada Dermish, Kuwait

“I am Ghada Dermish, I have Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, and diploma in Fashion design. My passion for fashion design encouraged me to pursue my studies for bachelor’s degree in fashion design.

I am so glad to be part of IFA Paris. A place where I think dreams come true. So far, I am enjoying all the classes despite being online. All teachers are doing their best and trying to make everything run smoothly.”

Samia Babar (BFD Online)

Samia Babar (BFD Online)

Samia Babar, India

“My name is Samia Babar, and I am 18 years old. I am from India but have lived in Dubai my whole life.

Fashion is a medium through which I have always let out my creativity and dedication.

I knew that I wanted to pursue fashion design but could not find a university that met my needs until I came across the online course at IFA Paris. The lectures exceeded my expectations, and I have learned a lot from my lecturers. I look forward to learning more. :)”