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Why did the Swedish Fashion Council cancel Stockholm Fashion Week?
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Why did the Swedish Fashion Council cancel Stockholm Fashion Week?

By November, 2019November 25th, 2023No Comments

While in France, Paris Fashion Week has just concluded the presentation of its’ highly committed collections, it is another country that has decided to boycott the event in its’ country, in order to denounce the ecological ravages caused by the fashion industry.

At the end of the summer, the world of fashion was shaken by an electroshock: the announcement made by the Swedish Fashion Council to cancel Stockholm’s Fashion week. As a precursor to such a decision, the approach was intended to reflect the realities of the industry and its’ environmental and social consequences. Through this firm and determined position, Sweden intends to raise awareness even more about these annual events, which are too often idealized, and whose only magic cannot entirely erase the true consistency of the event: fleeting shows of about ten minutes with a high carbon footprint (passenger transport, increasing energy expenditure, grandiose scenery, waste production…). The Scandinavian country is already considering the launch of incubator programs, revealing new talents and generating a more ethical fashion, in a total break with the Fashion Month exhibitions.

A strong signal addressed to consumers but also to the Big 4, (London, Paris, New York or Milan) aware of the ecological stakes, but which nevertheless persists in working around the same scheme. Would the collection presentation model be exhausted? Nothing could be less certain! How can we renounce the global symbol of fashion and luxury in the major capitals? Too archaic, too emblematic, too lucrative too… Yet, in keeping with the values of the consumer who is seeking radical changes, we note the beginning of certain initiatives. While London concedes the creation of a positive fashion institute, Paris city council supports the Paris Good Fashion association, while New York boasts the first zero carbon fashion show.

Even if a great sense of morality seems to be gradually overtaking all the red carpets, the most legendary of the Fashion Weeks should not, at least in the short term, suffer the same fate as Sweden’s. The show must go on….

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