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IFA Paris Speaks at the GlobalTech Summit in Lausanne, Switzerland
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IFA Paris Speaks at the GlobalTech Summit in Lausanne, Switzerland

By October, 2022November 25th, 2023No Comments
IFA Paris CEO Keynote

As technology becomes more and more prevalent in our daily lives and industries, it becomes essential to discuss their future and how they will affect our future.

As a force for innovation, the new technologies sector is constantly pushing the limits. It impresses us on the fields of possibilities. Faced with these new challenges, it is essential that each industry finds its place and plays its role to the best of its ability, to push innovation to its limits, for the common good.

The GlobalTech Summit took place on October 4th in Lausanne, Switzerland. Inviting specialists and researchers in technology to exchange on the subject. These interventions are fully supported by the Office of Economic Affairs and Innovation (SPEI) of the State of Vaud. The objective of the GlobalTech Summit is to explain and popularize the advent of new technologies in different sectors and in society in general. This year, the event dealt with technology in many different sectors, such as FinTech, CyberTech, LegalTech or FoodTech.

In the “GlobalTech in Daily Life” space, the program addressed the subject of FashionTech or how fashion companies must adapt to new technologies and how they will benefit them.

GlobalTech Summit

GlobalTech Summit

It is in this context that IFA Paris’ CEO, Jean-Baptiste Andreani, intervened in the form of a keynote to discuss the close relationship between new technologies and sustainability in fashion. According to him, many people think that FashionTech and sustainability are just macro-trends, a fad, so he wanted to show that they are actually two components to be taken very seriously because they will revolutionize the fashion industry.

To support this argument, Jean-Baptiste Andreani gave the example of startups and innovative companies on all stages of the supply chain that use technological innovation to make it more transparent. Among his examples, we find startups from the Foundry Powered by IFA Paris incubator, in partnership with Beyond Form, such as Round Rack, Tee Fashion or Finds created by a school alumni, Andrea Heger.

This participation in the GlobalTech Summit was an opportunity for IFA Paris to assert itself as a player and specialist in FashionTech and to bring its expertise on innovative solutions that have created a symbiosis between technology and sustainable development.