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IFA Paris Takes Over the Who’s Next Fashion Trade Show
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IFA Paris Takes Over the Who’s Next Fashion Trade Show

By September, 2022November 23rd, 2023No Comments
Talk moderated by IFA Paris’ CEO

For 30 years, WSN has been organizing events in Paris for international fashion professionals, mainly brands and retailers.

For fashion professionals, Who’s Next is the event not to be missed. A key annual event for style enthusiasts. Who’s Next presents its annual theme around American football. From the 2nd to the 5th  September, the show celebrates as always the creativity of its exhibitors, but also a sporting spirit and a colorful vision.

Who’s Next is the leading event for ready-to-wear, accessories, beauty and lifestyle. Created in 1994,

Upcycled collection from IFA Paris lecturer

Upcycled collection from IFA Paris lecturer

Who’s Next brings together more than 1,300 French and international brands every year in January and November. With more than 45,000 visitors, these brands present their new products and trends to the press, designers and buyers from around the world.

The International Fashion Academy, (IFA Paris) actively participates in the change of the fashion industry through numerous initiatives, notably in its training, actions and events. That’s why the French fashion school IFA Paris naturally wanted to support the show and offer 100% upcycled looks.

The school shares the artistic vision of one of its former talents, Anastasia Grigoryeva, a graduate of the Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion Design.

During the trade show, the school was also able to contribute its expertise as our CEO Jean-Baptiste Andreani moderated a talk with 4 women from different backgrounds on the theme of “Inclusion: women in creative industries”.


We had the opportunity to chat with Anastasia about her collection, to discover her inspirations, motivations and artistic process. Here are her answers:

  • What does the theme remind you of (Memories, emotions, colours,…)

“The theme wasn’t chosen by me, but I like to go into a project with a theme, like in the Cyndi Lauper song “Designers Just Want To Have Fun”. So when I was given an “American football” theme, I first chose a name “Touch Down” and found some images about American football for inspiration. Of course, my collection is more of a fashion show than an actual game but we find a lot of symbols that represent American football in the pieces: numbers, helmets, balls, lacing, etc.”

  • What materials did you want to create your collection with?
Upcycled collection from IFA Paris lecturer

Upcycled collection from IFA Paris lecturer

“I used old trainers. I like to play with durability, so I asked my friends to give me their old trainers. It was really fun to see their eyes, when I was cutting and tearing all this old stuff. I also found a helmet on the street and used it in my collection.”

  • Why did you choose these materials?

“It’s amazing when the material itself guides me and shows me the way forward. And at the same time it allows you to create something completely different from what it was originally. And so to see the transformation from trainers to a corset.”

  • Does your collection have a story? A message?

“Oh, yes! WE NEED A FASHION REVOLUTION! We need to rebuild it. Doing fashion not as an obligation and for commercial purposes, but for fun and inspiration!”

  • Can you give me some adjectives to describe the collection?

“Shocking and full of fun!”