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Sustainable Denim – Istanbul Undergraduate Fashion Students Visit EREKS & ERA
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Sustainable Denim – Istanbul Undergraduate Fashion Students Visit EREKS & ERA

By April, 2024No Comments
IFA Paris Istanbul visited Sustainable Denim Brand Ereks

EREKS and ERA, with over four decades of expertise in the textile and apparel industry, have carved a niche for themselves in the EU market as leaders in sustainable denim and woven garments. Their journey towards sustainability began in 2010 with a focus on producing jeans using organic and recycled materials, culminating in a bold decision in 2020 to go circular by 2030.

Central to their circular strategy is the Blue Matters Responsible Production Platform, a state-of-the-art facility designed to deliver sustainable denim washing technology and customized solutions. This platform operates across two main locations, the Istanbul Plant and the newly established Corlu Plant, both known for their adherence to rigorous sustainability standards.

Recently, Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology and Bachelor Fashion Marketing students from the IFA Paris Istanbul campus had the opportunity to visit the Blue Matters – Corlu plant, immersing themselves in the world of sustainable denim production. The day began with a guided tour of the facility, where the students gained insights into the various stages of denim production, from cutting and sewing to finishing.

One of the highlights of the visit was the demonstration of eco-friendly washing processes, showcasing how EREKS and ERA integrate sustainability into every aspect of their operations. The students witnessed firsthand the use of organic materials and innovative techniques to achieve desirable denim finishes while minimizing environmental impact.

IFA Paris Istanbul Students at Blue Matters

IFA Paris Istanbul Students at Blue Matters

The visit also included interactive sessions where students engaged with industry experts, discussing topics such as circular economy principles, sustainable sourcing practices, and the future of green production in the fashion industry. This exchange of ideas and knowledge was instrumental in broadening the students’ understanding of sustainable fashion and its implications for the global market.

Moreover, the students had the opportunity to participate in workshops focused on upcycling denim, highlighting creative ways to repurpose and extend the lifecycle of clothing. This hands-on experience not only fostered creativity but also reinforced the importance of sustainable consumption and waste reduction.

Throughout the day, the students were inspired by EREKS and ERA’s commitment to sustainability, witnessing how a forward-thinking approach can lead to innovative solutions that benefit both the industry and the environment. The visit served as a catalyst for future collaborations and initiatives, emphasizing the role of education and industry partnerships in driving positive change in the fashion sector.

The ifa paris istanbul students’ visit to the Blue Matters Responsible Production Platform was not just a tour but a transformative experience, igniting a passion for sustainable fashion and equipping them with valuable insights to become future leaders in the industry.

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