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Review of the 2024 Edition of VivaTech with IFA Paris
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Review of the 2024 Edition of VivaTech with IFA Paris

By June, 2024No Comments
Viva Technology 2024

The 2024 edition of Viva Technology, the must-attend event for innovation and new technologies, was held from May 22 to 25. As every year, IFA Paris was at the heart of this prestigious event, discovering the latest technological advancements and offering its students a unique experience.

An Immersion in the Heart of Innovation

At Viva Tech, creative minds and industry leaders gathered to present their groundbreaking innovations. This year, IFA Paris organized a special outing with its students and the startups incubated within its Foundry ecosystem. This visit allowed participants to immerse themselves in a world where imagination and technology meet to shape the future.

Our fashion students had the opportunity to discover cutting-edge innovations, attend inspiring conferences, and meet influential professionals. This immersion was not only a source of inspiration but also a unique networking opportunity, essential for their future careers in the fashion industry. The students were able to discover numerous new trends that are redefining the tech and fashion industries.

The Next Startupper Challenge: An Inspiring Participation

Elon Musk at VivaTech 2024

Elon Musk at VivaTech 2024

This year, some of the startups from FOUNDRY, as well as a few students from IFA Paris & Mode Estah, had the honor of participating in the Next Startupper Challenge, a prestigious competition highlighting the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. This challenge represented an exceptional platform for young talents, allowing them to present their innovative projects to an audience of professionals and potential investors.

Participating in this competition was a recognition of the hard work and creativity of our students and entrepreneurs. It also provided an opportunity to receive constructive feedback and support from experienced mentors, which can be crucial for the development of their projects.

A Continued Commitment to Innovation

The participation of the international fashion school IFA Paris in Viva Technology is part of a broader approach to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship. By integrating new technologies into fashion, the school prepares its students to tackle the challenges of tomorrow’s industry. This commitment is reflected in concrete initiatives such as the FOUNDRY startup incubator, which supports young entrepreneurs in developing their projects.

The 2024 edition of Viva Technology was an event rich in discoveries and opportunities. For IFA Paris, it was an opportunity to demonstrate its role as a leader in integrating technology and fashion while providing its students and startups with privileged access to innovations that will shape the future. This participation also allowed students to discover new trends and broaden their horizons in the tech industry. Stay tuned to follow the successes of our talented participants in the Next Startupper Challenge and their future innovative projects.

For those who aspire to be fashion entrepreneurs, we invite you to discover our dedicated Startup Program.