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Post-Baccalauréat Enrollment: Preparing the Youth for the Challenges of Tomorrow
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Post-Baccalauréat Enrollment: Preparing the Youth for the Challenges of Tomorrow

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Since 2014, July 15th has been World Youth Skills Day. Proclaimed by the United Nations, this date celebrates the strategic importance of providing young people with the skills needed for employment, but also for obtaining proper work experience and entrepreneurship. The goal is to give the keys to today’s youth so that they can meet the challenges that society can sometimes face, unemployment and underemployment. Parcoursup, in France, helps enable the youth to acquire the necessary skills to improve their socio-economic conditions. Other programs have their own admission systems, like IFA Paris, but are still excellent programs. Here is a focus on the different possibilities for post-baccalauréat enrollment.

Parcoursup: the platform for future students

Parcoursup is a compulsory application process for all high school students who wish to pursue a higher education: universities, business schools, preparatory courses, BTS… This web platform collects students’ wishes for higher education assignments. Whether it be:

  • Non-selective university courses: bachelor’s degrees, specific health access courses (PASS) and preparatory courses for professors (PPPE). Students can access these non-selective programs according to their choice, within the limits of available places.
  • Selective programs: preparatory schools, BTS, architecture, engineering, business and management schools, IFSIs (nursing training institutes) and other paramedical training programs, social work training institutions, the French National Veterinary Schools, training programs in culture, entertainment and sports, training programs for the navy, the army, etc.
  • Apprenticeships: These allow students to be trained by alternating periods in their academic institute with periods working in a company. Apprenticeships are offered in a variety of courses: The student can be assisted in finding an employer and signing an apprenticeship contract.

The student’s final year of high school is the time when his or her wishes are taken into account.

World Youth Skills Day

World Youth Skills Day

Non-Parcoursup programs: different but no less qualitative

Many institutions are not part of Parcoursup. However, this does not mean that they are default programs. These schools organize their own registration process.

This is the case for specialized schools or trade schools, for example. Outside of Parcoursup, there are several business schools, engineering schools, paramedical and social training programs, art schools, IEP (Instituts d’Études Politiques) and even some selective Bachelor’s degrees.

To be recognized by the Ministry of Education, a French diploma must be ” Targeted by the Ministry of Education”.

IFA Paris is a private higher education institution. The diplomas obtained at the end of the program are therefore not recognized by the French Ministry of Education. However, all programs are built according to the ECTS system established by the Bologna Convention. They are therefore certified by the European Federation of Schools (FEDE).

IFA Paris: a fashion school with a holistic pedagogy

We accompany all our students on a journey of personal and professional discovery. We develop a teaching and learning strategy that stimulates students’ creativity and critical thinking, while confronting them with unconventional projects. Our academic programs are designed around core modules. These are the foundation of an education that allows students to validate industry-specific skills.

The school offers programs that integrate self-directed learning activities, built on the concept of the modern classroom. We encourage students to develop autonomy and responsibility in their learning experience.

All of our programs include industry projects, contests and internships. Their role is fundamental to student learning and motivation.

IFA Paris is also committed to sustainability. We help our students become key drivers of change to ensure that 3 important components coexist: the planet, people and profit.