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Interview with Rebeka Radcenko – Bachelor Fashion Marketing Student
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Interview with Rebeka Radcenko – Bachelor Fashion Marketing Student

By June, 2024No Comments
Rebeka Radcenko - Bachelor Fashion Marketing Student

Welcome to our interview series with IFA Paris students, where we delve into the vibrant realm of fashion. Today, I have the pleasure of sitting down with Rebeka Radcenko, a second-year student from our Bachelor Fashion Marketing with a passion for creativity and consumer engagement.

Fashion marketing is a captivating blend of artistic expression and strategic communication, constantly evolving in response to consumer trends and technological advancements. As we explore the insights and experiences of Rebeka Radcenko, we will gain valuable perspectives on the evolution of this industry.

Throughout our conversation, we will delve into Rebeka Radcenko’s academic journey, the insights they’ve gained from coursework and practical experiences, and their thoughts on the future of fashion marketing in an ever-changing global market.

Without further ado, let’s embark on this journey into the world of fashion marketing with Rebeka Radcenko as our guide.

What initially drew you to studying fashion marketing?

Fashion has been a passion of mine since I was young. At 17, I delved into the industry by freelancing on photoshoots, offering my services to designers and brands. Along the way, I found myself alternating between being in front of the camera and primarily working behind it as a stylist. Also, numbers have always been my forte; I graduated high school with a focus on Maths. My interest in the business realm was sparked by my father, a businessman, whose influence has guided me towards this path.

Can you describe a typical day or week in your program?

I’ve always loved being in school; it feels like I’m a perpetual student, especially when I’m mostly immersed in Excel. Working in groups can be challenging due to varying priorities and strengths. It often places us in situations where we may not always be friends with everyone we work with or agree on everything. Finding compromise and seeking the middle ground become essential skills. This experience is invaluable for sharpening people skills and teamwork, making it a crucial aspect of education, preparing us with practical methodologies.

What are some of the most interesting courses you’ve taken so far, and why?

Rebeka Radcenko - Bachelor Fashion Marketing Student

Rebeka Radcenko – Bachelor Fashion Marketing Student

Exploring trends and curating collections and shows allow us to delve into every facet of a fashion brand, spanning from creativity to marketing. It’s a process that pushes us to our limits. Personally, I’m drawn to innovative customer experiences, particularly those involving AI, as I believe it represents the future of fashion. Learning to integrate physical elements with digital platforms has been eye-opening. Working on the Circle project has been particularly intriguing, thanks to the hard work that Hélène Gille, our Sustainability Leader, is putting on arranging different workshops with students to get a better overview of the project.

How do you see the intersection between fashion and marketing evolving in today’s digital age?

It is challenging; it seems like everyone is gravitating towards social media, but I can’t envision myself fully immersed in it. While I understand the importance of possessing the necessary skills, I believe there’s a saturation point emerging. We’re all accustomed to managing accounts and staying abreast of trends due to our constant phone usage and evolving algorithms. Eventually, I think people will get tired of it. What I do appreciate in marketing, however, is the shift towards experiential focus by brands. Setting themselves apart through experiences is a brilliant strategy. Anyone can craft a social media plan, but the real power lies in the ability to compel people to a specific place or generate excitement about a once-in-a-lifetime event. Creating lasting memories and deepening connections with the brand is where the true magic happens.

Have you had any hands-on experiences or internships in the fashion industry? If so, what did you learn from them? Are there any specific areas within fashion marketing that you’re particularly passionate about or interested in exploring further?

I have taken the initiative to craft my own internships, where I contribute to brand development by assisting with design creation and devising effective marketing strategies. Additionally, my background in running a personal blog has led me to organize events for music artists, allowing me to immerse myself in the intersection of music and fashion. Excitingly, I’m now venturing into the realm of podcasting, launching a new podcast focused on music.

I’m driven by a desire to explore everything, to establish a broad foundation across various fields. I resist confining myself to a single category; instead, I embrace fluidity in my interests and endeavors. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, I eagerly dive in, always open to trying new things. I believe the possibilities are endless, and I’m keen to explore roles such as Visual Merchandising, PR, and Marketing Strategy to discover what resonates with me most.

How do you think sustainability and ethical considerations are shaping the future of fashion marketing? What challenges do you think fashion marketers face in reaching and engaging with consumers in today’s competitive market?

The challenge lies in the fact that while there’s a growing concern for sustainability, many consumers purchase items labeled as sustainable without verifying their authenticity. It’s difficult to encourage people to consider the origins of their clothing and its impact. The key is to foster a genuine interest in sustainability and seamlessly integrate it into their purchasing habits.

In marketing, the ability to sell anything is crucial, especially in today’s era of short attention spans. We must navigate through the overwhelming influx of trends that is gradually disrupting the traditional market cycle. It’s increasingly challenging to sustain consumer interest over time. Marketing now confronts the era of fleeting consumer attention, presenting a significant challenge.

How do you stay updated on the latest trends and developments in both fashion and marketing?

I’m highly engaged on social media, particularly following content creators who focus on news-related content. Additionally, I dedicate time to reading extensively. To stay informed and aware of the market I work in, I make sure to subscribe to newsletters covering various topics. Keeping my eyes open and staying informed is essential in my line of work.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m uncertain not due to a lack of job opportunities, but rather because I’m open to exploring various paths and trying new experiences. I’m considering moving back to Prague (Czech Republic), as it is close to my hometown Bratislava (Slovakia), to delve into the world of magazines. My passion for creative writing, which has been evident through my blog and conceptualization of photoshoots, draws me towards this field. Journalism was another area of interest for me during my university days. Coming from a country with a limited fashion industry, I’m keen on revitalizing the rich culture it possesses. Despite having many talented individuals, there’s a lack of platforms to support them, leading many to seek opportunities elsewhere. My goal is to contribute to revitalizing and nurturing the beautiful culture of my homeland.

If you aspire to follow a path like Rebeka’s and dream of becoming an actor of the fashion industry, take a look at our Bachelor Fashion Marketing program and contact our admission team for more information.