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IFA Paris Mobilizes Against School Bullying
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IFA Paris Mobilizes Against School Bullying

By November, 2022No Comments
Stop Bullying!

Harassment is a crime and is punishable by law in France.

But what is harassment? There are different types of harassment: online harassment, physical harassment, moral harassment, or verbal harassment. It is about behaviors or repeated degrading, insulting or threatening words towards someone. It can occur in our daily lives, particularly at work, at home or at school.

Nationally and globally, the beginning of November represents the mobilization and prevention of school bullying. An initiative created in 2015 by Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, former Minister of National Education, who considers it important to dedicate a day to this cause and to set up a toll-free number in case of need. In France, it is the first Thursday of the month. It is also one of the priorities of the French Ministry of Education. This day encourages the creation of healthy relationships at school, based on trust and respect for others.

Today, there are millions of victims of harassment in France. Internet harassment, also called “cyberbullying”, is taking on a disproportionate scale. Social networks remain the number one means to pour out one’s hatred and to lead the victim into a state of such intense malaise, that we sometimes witness tragic ends.

School bullying can lead to dropping out of school, desocialization, anxiety, or depression. Don’t be isolated, there are many ways to fight bullying. Indeed, in case of cyberbullying, the victim can contact the toll-free number 3018, and for students, parents and professionals, the free number to contact is 3020.

It is the responsibility of the judiciary, the parents of the individual but also the school to act in case of problems. Schools must establish human values, and be available when needed.

As said before, there are laws in France that severely punish bullying or cyberbullying. The main objective now is to free the word so that justice can do its duty. And that harassers do not have the upper hand and can no longer act with impunity.

International Fashion Academy Paris is very committed to this cause and wishes to maintain a safe climate within its establishment. That is why we have zero tolerance for harassment, racism, and all other forms of discrimination within our school. These behaviors are not in keeping with the school’s values and these detractors will not only be expelled from the school but also prosecuted.

French fashion school IFA Paris takes great interest in the well-being of its students and staff. A psychologist is available at the school to discuss any uncomfortable situations that students may be experiencing.

Obviously, these consultations are free and anonymous. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with him.

IFA Paris advocates the liberalization of speech in its artistic creation but also in its daily communication with its international students, often far from home, who sometimes need a sympathetic and reassuring ear.

The school mobilizes every day to share its vision and values around inclusion and benevolence.