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The French Fashion School IFA Paris Celebrates its’ 40th Anniversary
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The French Fashion School IFA Paris Celebrates its’ 40th Anniversary

By May, 2022No Comments
IFA Paris MACFD Fashion Show

On April 21st, IFA Paris celebrated its’ 40th anniversary with an exceptional event based on the theme of travel and discovery.

As part of Fashion Revolution Week, students in the Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion Design program at IFA Paris, in partnership with the Good Chance organization’s fashion-loving refugees, launched their project for a sustainable collection called Itinérance. This theme encouraged the discovery of oneself, others, different countries, and their cultures while highlighting one’s own roots. This collection was presented during the event at 105 rue Curial in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, a

Alexandra Mas' artistic performance

Alexandra Mas’ artistic performance

former station of the “petite ceinture”. Soon to be converted into a third place dedicated to sustainability, where IFA Paris is a stakeholder in the project (notably with the launch of a sustainable fashion startup incubator).

This anniversary is an opportunity for IFA Paris to reinforce its commitments: excellence in teaching, a sense of sharing and a desire for solidarity to create an innovative vision of fashion.

“Our wish for the next 40 years? To free fashion from its’ sometimes “stereotypical” image by training students who will be catalysts for change. IFA Paris wants to continue to train the leaders of tomorrow who will constantly challenge the norm and champion a more inclusive, diverse and ever more innovative version of fashion.” Jean-Baptiste Andreani, CEO of IFA Paris.

IFA Paris 40th anniversary event

IFA Paris 40th anniversary event

The collection made a splash at the school’s anniversary party, this memorable evening also hosted a variety of entertainers that led up to the fashion show. To open the evening, we danced to the rhythm of Courrier Sud’s DJ set, then laughed at the stand-up jokes of the talented Lilia Benchabane. We were also able to admire the artistic performance of Alexandra Mas. And, to close the evening, what could be better than a wild DJ set? The eccentric Julien Granel did us the honor of mixing for us after the fashion show. An exceptional program to celebrate the 40 years of teaching at IFA Paris. 

We would like to congratulate our talented designers and thank the guests who attended, with a special mention for our partners and supporters: Fashion Revolution, Good Chance, TLM, EWWR and many others…


The Itinérance project was part of the Fashion Revolution Week. It is the largest fashion activism movement in the world. It mobilizes citizens, brands and policy makers through research, education and advocacy. These people form a global movement that makes the fashion industry work and fights to make it more sustainable and responsible.

They see fashion as a global industry that preserves and restores the environment and values people over growth and profit.

Their main goals are:

  • To end human and environmental exploitation in the global fashion industry
  • The establishment of safe and dignified working conditions and living wages for all people in the supply chain
  • A redistributed and more equal balance of power in the global fashion industry
  • The creation of a larger and stronger labor movement in the global fashion industry
  • A global fashion industry that works to preserve precious resources and regenerate ecosystems
  • A culture of transparency and accountability throughout the value chain
  • An end to disposable fashion and a shift to a system where materials are used much longer and nothing is lost
  • The promotion of heritage, craftsmanship and local wisdom.

IFA Paris has been training and inspiring tomorrow’s designers for 40 years. This vocation drives us to innovate every day to find sustainable solutions in fashion, to rethink the world of tomorrow.