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IFA Paris Fashion Students’ New Year Resolutions and Christmas Wishlist
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IFA Paris Fashion Students’ New Year Resolutions and Christmas Wishlist

By December, 2023No Comments
Xmas unwrapping

At IFA Paris, excitement is reaching its peak as we prepare to celebrate the birth of a brand-new era of creativity with the end of this year, 2023. In this vibrant atmosphere, the school proudly announces the recent establishment of its student association, aimed at enriching student life with entertaining events throughout the year. The hallways echo with lively discussions, innovative ideas, and a collective sense of boldness as these young talents gear up for a new year.

It is in this unique context that we had the privilege of delving into the aspirations and resolutions for 2024 of this new student association:

“In 2024, I would like to improve my time management to have more time for things I enjoy. I also wish to dedicate more time to creation for its own sake, as it is something that truly brings me happiness in life. My ultimate Christmas gift would be a complete renovation of my apartment!” – Wednesday Amaya, Association President.

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta

“We all make New Year’s resolutions every year, but staying true to them can be a challenge. Usually, I end up giving up after a month or two, but that never stops me from making new ones each year. So, here are my resolutions for New Year 2024: Start saving and stop spending money on cute and unnecessary things. Commit to a regular exercise routine and adopt healthier eating habits. Learn a new skill or hobby. Resume the dance classes I abandoned. Strengthen relationships by being more present and attentive. Stop ignoring conflicts. This year, I will simply try to be concise and see if I can stick to it.



Remember, it’s normal to stumble along the way. The key is to stay persistent and keep moving towards your goals!” – Mira Krishna, Association Vice-President

As Christmas approaches, students are also compiling their gift wish lists. Here’s a selection of 10 items they dream of:

  1. Bottega Veneta earrings
  2. Graphic tablet for drawing
  3. A trip to Milan, one of the fashion capitals
  4. Nike Dunk Low Rose and Gold sneakers
  5. MAC plumping stick gloss
  6. Margiela Tabi boots
  7. Veja V-90 sneakers
  8. Collection of books on luxury fashion shows
  9. Francis Kurkdijan discovery set
  10. Jacquemus T-shirt