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Discover IFA Paris’ Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs: An Innovative and Committed Fashion School
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Discover IFA Paris’ Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs: An Innovative and Committed Fashion School

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IFA Paris students

At IFA Paris, we are firmly committed to innovation and excellence in fashion. Thanks to our pedagogical team of industry experts and our strategic partnerships with prestigious brands, our institution creates a framework conducive to the creative and professional development of our students, while transmitting values that prepare them to meet the challenges facing the fashion industry.

Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology: The Art of Creating

Our flagship Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology program combines the heritage of French fashion, the latest technological advances and an international perspective to meet today’s industry needs. This comprehensive program covers the entire garment design process, from initial conception to collection development. Thanks to innovative teaching methods, our students acquire cutting-edge technical skills, a keen artistic sensibility, and an in-depth understanding of current fashion trends.

IFA Paris students

IFA Paris students

Insight: Students selected by the end-of-year jury see their collections presented not only in Paris, but also in Istanbul, at New York Fashion Week and at Art Basel in Miami. Four major opportunities to make a name for yourself in the industry.

Bachelor Fashion Marketing: A Fusion of Creativity and Strategy

Our Bachelor Fashion Marketing program immerses students in the world of marketing applied to fashion. This versatile training program enables them to understand consumer needs while keeping abreast of creative trends. They learn to design and implement marketing strategies adapted to the fashion sector, while benefiting from the varied perspectives of our teachers from different cultures.

Insight: A link with the FEDE enables graduates to obtain a triple qualification, including the France Compétence level 6 “marketing and sales manager” certification (issued by the FEDE).

Bachelor Fashion Sustainability: Ethical Commitment in Fashion

Unique in the world, our Bachelor Fashion Sustainability program focuses on sustainability and social responsibility in the fashion industry. Students explore textile innovations, eco-responsible practices and sustainable business models to shape more ethical and environmentally responsible fashion. This CSR-aligned program was developed by Hélène Gille, a UNESCO consultant on sustainable development approaches.

Insight : The Bachelor Fashion Sustainability is officially listed on the United Nations’ Conscious Fashion and lifestyle network platform as an official 5-year project, developed in conjunction with the United Nations to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

MBA Fashion Management: Fashion Management Expertise

Our Fashion Management MBAs offer a strategic and global perspective on the fashion industry, preparing our students to meet the sector’s complex challenges. Programs focus on management, marketing, entrepreneurship and leadership, while offering practical work experience through internships and hands-on projects. Three options are available: Apparel Major, Luxury Major, and Media Major.

Insight: A link with the FEDE, enabling graduates to obtain a triple qualification, including France compétence level 7 (titre certif “) (issued by the FEDE). A level 7 certification from France Compétence gives graduates access to a potential APS visa, enabling them to stay in France for an additional period to seek employment.

Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion Design: The Avant-Garde of Creation

Our Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion Design is designed for visionary designers who want to explore new frontiers in contemporary fashion. With a focus on innovation and experimentation, this program encourages our students to push the boundaries of creativity and develop avant-garde collections. It is aimed at fashion design graduates wishing to go beyond the study of product design, young fashion professionals who are already active, and designers with short- or medium-term plans to create their own brand.

Insight: This program repositioned fashion as a real vector of cohesion, and not just an industry. The addition of innovative projects, such as the development of a sustainable collection on the theme of fashion and migration, illustrates a pedagogical strategy focused on diversity and inclusiveness.

When you choose IFA Paris, you join a dynamic international community, benefit from the expertise of industry professionals, and participate in real-world projects in a constantly evolving industry. Each of our programs offers a unique experience, tailor-made to prepare the future leaders of the fashion industry.

For more information on IFA Paris’ programs, please contact our admissions team.