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40 Years of Fashion Education at IFA Paris: 1982 – 2022
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40 Years of Fashion Education at IFA Paris: 1982 – 2022

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Olivia Chai and Patrick Kouzmine, IFA Paris’ founders

For 40 years now, IFA Paris has been offering a quality education combining French know-how with a resolutely international approach to the fashion and luxury industry. Founded in 1982 in Paris by Olivia Chai and Patrick Kouzmine-Karavaieff, the school opened its doors to the world in 2002 with the inauguration of a campus in Shanghai. This was the first Franco-Chinese partnership in the field of fashion education. IFA Paris reaffirmed its international vision in 2014, with the opening of a third campus in Istanbul, a dynamic city and a true crossroads between Europe and Asia.

IFA Paris students

IFA Paris students

A school with an international outlook

Each year, its three campuses welcome a thousand students from 50 different nationalities, who attend classes taught 95% in English. Driven by a deep desire to pass on to future professionals a vision of sustainable, ethical fashion open to all, IFA Paris has been implementing awareness-raising initiatives on these themes since 2015.

A school with an ethical vision of fashion

In 2022, more than ever, fashion is engaging. IFA Paris remains faithful to its values, which it has carried loud and clear for 40 years. This anniversary allows it to become more involved in meaningful projects for a more sustainable and egalitarian fashion, more in tune with today’s issues.

A committed school

In recent years, important projects such as the partnership with Microsoft, the partnership with the SERD and the Fashion Revolution have been implemented. The school has participated in many events; the colors of the Flanders Bridge, the TLM, the Who’s Next shows and the Woodstower music festival.

IFA Paris Fashion Show

IFA Paris Fashion Show

A school with talent

It is essential for IFA Paris to find quality partners with whom to develop projects and who share a common vision: that of a more sustainable fashion in the technological era. The school also actively participates in highlighting its talented students through annual and occasional fashion shows presenting their creations. Practice is essential in learning, which is why IFA Paris does everything possible to facilitate the creative process of its students by providing them with the most effective tools and training.

For this year, IFA Paris plans to increase its projects around sustainable, inclusive and technological fashion. Constantly looking for innovation and development, the school is getting closer to different professionals in the sector to create quality exchanges and opportunities for its students.