IFA Paris


  • Course Duration: 3 years
  • Options: 3 years in Paris / 3 years in Shanghai / 3 years in Istanbul
  • Students transfer are possible between Paris and Shanghai for the academic year 2015-2016
  • Locations: Paris, Istanbul, Shanghai
  • Total Workload: 4,556 Hours
  • ECTS Credits: 180
  • Course Intake: Paris/Istanbul: September 17th 2015, Shanghai: March 16th 2015
  • Tuition Fee: Paris/Istanbul: €8,400, Shanghai: ¥70,000+¥12,000 service fee/academic year
  • Application Fee: €150
  • Language of Tuition: Paris: English and French, Shanghai: English (with interpreter), Istanbul: English
  • Credentials: Accredited by the IDEL Agency 

The Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology is the IFA Paris signature program. It combines the French fashion heritage with the last technological changes and an international perspective to meet the current fashion industry requirements.


The innovative teaching methods mixing traditional lectures, practical workshops, personal researches, experimentation, peer to peer presentations and various visits, lead students to become creative and pragmatic, curious and analytical, imaginative and excellent technicians and prepare them to the possibility of an international career. The one to one approach allows them to develop their own creative universe while being adaptable to different styles, types of brand and market segments in the same time.


This very complete, intensive, varied and exciting program trains directly fashion lovers to the jobs of Fashion Designer, but the perfect knowledge of fashion products and creative process it provides, allows participants to also achieve positions such as Stylist, Pattern Maker, Production Manager, Independent Designer, or even Collection Director, Art Director, or Merchandiser when completed by a master program.

Course Structure

The course is organized around 3 Ateliers lasting each 30 academic weeks Each atelier encompasses specific module groupings structured around various themes.


The 3 Ateliers correspond to the 3 levels identified within the Higher Education Framework. The course is constructed in compliance with the Bologna Convention principles and grant participants, upon completion, a total of 180 ECTS (60 ECTS per Atelier or year)


The underlying rationale behind this course construction is to allow students to be immersed in an environment that mimics what their working conditions will be like in a fashion studio. The assessment strategy uses a perfect balance between summative and formative assessments in order to improve skills not only on core disciplines but also in project planning and time management. Projects are concurrently conducted between all modules in order to improve students’ transferrable skills, allowing them to link skills and competencies from various domains.

Premier Atelier: Discovery

Deuxieme Atelier:Experimentation

Troisieme Atelier: Imprint


IFA Career and Alumni Center:

The 3 Ateliers will be complemented on a yearly basis by 60 hours of industry relations. Students will get the opportunity to attend special guest lectures given by industry professionals. Field trips to factories, studios and workshops will also complement the series of guest lectures. Through IFA Career and Alumni Center’s database, students will be able to be exposed to the latest and most current industry techniques while increasing their own professional network of contacts.


Student Workload:

2112 Hours of Face-to-Face lectures

Hours of Guided and Self-Study: 2,444

Inclusive of 180 Hours of Industry Networking


Admission requirements:

High school graduates or above

Above 18 years of age

A strong motivation in fashion

The program Is taught in English and Chinese in Shanghai, English and French in Paris. In Paris non English or French speaking students are required to provide an IELTS or a TCF score.