Istanbul Campus

IFA Paris at Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul

Bahçeşehir University Istanbul

After being established in France and China, the IFA Paris fashion school is now also present in one of the most vibrant cities located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia: Istanbul.

IFA Paris is very proud to cooperate with one of the most reputable universities in Istanbul: Bahçeşehir University.

The campus of Bahçeşehir University a major step in fulfilling the university's mission of building a future out of the country's past, establishing a hub in the business center of Istanbul, where culture, education and learning meet to address the changing needs of Turkey and the world. IFA Paris believes it is a privilege, as well as an advantage for its' students to make the best out of what the location can offer.

Being one of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the world, and a diversified place full of museums, galleries, parks and modern colleges, Istanbul is able to provide a stage for those who long for exploring and developing their own interests, and starting a career in the fashion and luxury business environments.

Bahçeşehir University Continuing Education Center (BAUSEM)

The institutional vision of Bahçeşehir University Continuing Education Center (BAUSEM) is that education is a lifelong process of an individual’s self-fulfilling mechanism. BAUSEM’s leading principle is to disseminate life-long learning culture in the society and raise awareness in individuals that learning is not confined within the boundaries of formal education. IFA Paris and Bahçeşehir University offers career opportunities in fashion and luxury for the professionals and for those who are interested in this field with their short training programs jointly created through BAUSEM.

Why IFA Paris and Bahçeşehir University/BAUSEM Cooperation?

The slogan "At the heart of Istanbul" is suitable for a university like Bahcesehir University (BAU)... With its main campus on the edge of the Bosphorus in Besiktas each day begins early with rapid mobility and continues throughout the day. Moreover, it is possible to encounter an event at almost every part of the university.

The first thing that will strike your eye when you enter our university will be the large number of foreign students. From the United States to China, from France to South Korea from a wide geographical area extending over a thousand foreign students are studying at BAU.

"BAU GLOBAL" provides BAU students with a chance to receive education from very different points. BAU Global is able to achieve this through Berlin, Toronto, Washington DC, Batumi, Cyprus, Hanoi, Kyiv, Puebla, Brockwille.  

Transportation to BAU is quite easy. BAU provides free shuttle service to the students and scholars with their own boats between two campuses located in the heart of Istanbul, Besiktas North, Beşiktaş South, Göztepe ve Galata. The boats depart from an area that they give the name BAUPORT. It is an area that is fully allocated for use by the students with greenery and an exquisite view of the Bosporus. The boats depart at certain times of the day from their own pier and this allows for a pleasant journey between the campuses in Besiktas and Galata. Thus, students stay away from the busy Istanbul traffic and enjoy the ocean and its fresh air while transitioning from campus to campus.

IFA Paris at Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul
IFA Paris at Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul
IFA Paris at Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul
IFA Paris at Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul