The women's haute couture collections presented at the last Fashion Week in Paris fulfilled all their promises: originality, creativity, highlighting craftsmanship, amazing beauty looks. But what are the emerging fashion trends that will be driving the fashion world into a frenzy in the coming months?

The diversity of these fashion shows compels us to pick 3 trends; beyond the floral or animal prints, the indisputable black and white, the flashy pink or polka dot prints, the must-have will be:Givenchy

Denim in all its' states

Already a must-have in every wardrobe, jeans continue to make a name for themselves among the designers of the major brands. Denim, with its countless indigo shades, comes in all shapes and sizes! Whether it's a long pencil skirt in denim or a two-toned denim gown that has been stripped down, Givenchy is focusing on traces of wear and tear that are particularly noticeable on strong fabrics. Chanel, in a more chic version, is opting for raw denim in short pants or 7/8 trousers, preferably with a large size. Whether in single or combined shades, overalls or jumpsuits, jacket or gown, you can dare the total denim look from head to toe!

Tailoring for women

Dominant trend for men but also for women, the Smocky is making its big comeback...and at every moment of the day it has its own style. The blazer wants oversized with cuts influenced by Alexandre Vauthierthe 80s. Whether shorts, bermuda shorts or trousers, they come in plain colours (metal and copper at Dior, sublime black or anthracite grey for Vauthier). To perfect the boyish look, you can complete your outfit with foggy blouses or tops with vertiginous cleavages. To be androgynous... but first and foremost to assert your femininity!

Size and layering

The outfits are meant to be neo-futuristic, the dimensions are XXL, the slim silhouettes get lost in the disproportion of their clothes. The build is imposing through a set of monumental shoulder pads or puffed sleeves. Iris Van Harpen demonstrates this with a virginal white accordion dress, while Viktor and Rolf's black guipure butterfly dress leaves us speechless in front of a sculptural silhouette. With balloon sleeves for a couture look you will adopt!

This season will go down in the annals but for other reasons than the trends we have just mentioned... the fashion enfant terrible, Jean-Paul Gaultier bid farewell. Real highlight of this Fashion Week Haute Couture, it gave us a show whose anti-conformism sublimated all the beauties one last time. We will miss his ingenuity and his madness...