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The State of Fashion in China – Shanghai Fashion Week: The New Fashion Empire
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The State of Fashion in China – Shanghai Fashion Week: The New Fashion Empire

By November, 2019November 23rd, 2023No Comments

Although Beijing remains the capital of the country, Shanghai has become the fashion capital of the country. The attendance of its’ latest Fashion Week attests to the resonance of the event, both in the country and on the international scene.

Since the 2000s, the fashion industry in China has grown at an exponential rate, driven largely by the millennial generation. Influenced by its’ Western counterparts, this young and trendy segment of the population has not stopped changing the way it consumes clothing in 15 years. Their aesthetic judgment has become very sharp, privileging quality over quantity, originality over conformity.

These new requirements force Chinese designers to constantly reinvent themselves, generating dynamism and creativity, skills that are now widely recognized outside their borders. Since 2003, Shanghai Fashion Week has been showcasing these new talents, whose know-how rivals that of the Western brands present at the event. Above all, foreign brands at Shanghai Fashion Week have detected a formidable lever for conquering the Chinese fashion market, which in the coming years could prove very lucrative as the pool of consumers remains considerable!

The IFA Paris Shanghai campus, created in 2002, has been the privileged witness to the significant changes in the sector. A pioneer in the training of fashion and luxury professions in China, our school continues to claim its’ European DNA and makes its’ experience of the Chinese market a unique asset for all students.

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