The dynamic and Russian-born Ekaterina Lambert is the founder of the new app FashIcon, designed for all fashion needs, providing style inspiration and advice to followers wanting to become fashion icons. She is also a brilliant creator and fashion stylist, recently featured online by Bazaar China and Vogue China.

Michel Temman: Ekaterina, could we first know your story and your background?Ekaterina Lambert

Ekaterina Lambert: I was born in a small city in Russia and I feel that since my young age and all my life I have in fact searched for beauty - beauty in people in particular! And let me tell you, that it wasn’t easy, as I wasn’t surrounded by many sources of inspiration back then in the 90’s. But I was always different from most of the people around me. And it was difficult to hear every day something like: Hey, what the hell are you wearing? Who do you think you are! Freak! In this moment there are two ways to go: give up and follow the crowd or stay true to yourself no matter what and stand out! And obviously I’ve chosen the second option. My childhood was an everyday fight for who I was. But all of it made me stronger. What I’ve learned was to always reach for my goals, never give up and trust my gods…

M.T.: How and when did you know that you would live for fashion?

Ekaterina LambertEkaterina Lambert: At the age of 9, I bought my first fashion magazine and for the first time watched FashionTV! And that was it! I fell in love with fashion, beautiful people, amazing clothes and gorgeous makeup. At 16 years old, I made my first step on the runway. I always loved being a model but something else was always catching my interest even more: the backstage life. It was the place where I could learn style. Going through the clothes hanging in line and watching the designers choose to mix and match them. I could spend hours observing their work and learn, and try not to miss any small detail, any additional pin to the garment. Between that time and now, a lot of things happened: I met the love of my life, I became a mom of a beautiful baby girl, and I started designing clothes myself and brought it to a higher level thanks to all teachers of IFA Paris. But all those years, this little 9 years old girl was with me wondering how she could help, herself and others to make the right choice every day before you go out to the world and feel beautiful and happy. So I kept talking to my husband about all the ideas in my head until he got enough of it and said: “Do something about it!” And that was the moment FashIcon was born.

M.T.: Why, when and how did you create FashIcon? What’s its concept?Designs by Ekaterina Lambert

Ekaterina Lambert: I believe that the idea of the FashIcon community was born 21 years ago when this little girl started to explore fashion. Since then I was studying people on the streets, what do they wear, how they walk, talk, move. And I tried to analyze it. At that time, I couldn’t really understand why people on FashionTV are so smiley, fabulous, so stylish and I couldn’t believe how far this world was from what I could see around myself every day. And back then I believe that my idea was born: bringing dream into real life. I strongly believe that everyone is born unique. Everyone has his/her own style. With FashIcon, I wanted to create a community of people helping each other to find their voice in every day fashion and celebrate who they are through Ekaterina Lamberttheir style. It’s an app which can take fashion and style of the whole world and put it into your hands. If you’re already a fashion pro, why not inspire others with your unique sense of fashion along with promoting your work? Not so sure about your style? Fashion pros will advise you! Your wardrobe is basically the starting point of your day. Make it perfect and the rest will follow!

M.T.: “FashIcon brings the best of all fashions in seconds.” How exactly?

Ekaterina Lambert: People come to FashIcon looking for ideas for casual activities, big life events and everything in between! And inspiration can strike at any time. That’s the magic of FashIcon: everything is visual, so it’s easy for people to spot the ideas they love. It starts with a community of people who are in fashion already: stylists, models, fashion students, editors, fashionistas - and then we invite a bigger mass of users. The whole community now is purely about fashion and style. So you don’t need to go through tons of other unrelated images. I’m very glad to open the app and see the content inside: stylish beautiful people with so different and unique visions of fashion. And all of this is literally at your fingertips.

M.T.: Can you introduce globally and specifically the app and its various functions and best services? What makes it unique?Ekaterina Lambert

Ekaterina Lambert: In FashIcon, you find the newest looks and greatest ideas in seconds. Get feedback on your looks in minutes, “Immediate advice”. For example: not sure what to wear or not to wear? To buy or not to buy? Click and receive the feedback within five minutes from people whose opinions you respect. So, different people can enjoy the app. Are you leading or following the style? Prove it! Be active, help others to improve by giving them unique advice on their looks. Grow your stylist status and earn credits towards special events and discounts. Or everyone tells you how great you look? Share your looks on FashIcon. Grow your fashionista level, be recognized and rewarded. One of the favorite opportunities is that anyone can spoil him/herself with great fashion gifts. In the app, every week there are great prizes and chances for anyone to win them. All you should do is complete weekly challenges on your profile page such as post looks, give advice, and follow other users... And all these exclusive prizes can be yours: Prada, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Alexander Wang and more!

M.T.: Did the idea of FashIcon come to your mind a long time ago?

Design by Ekaterina LambertEkaterina Lambert: Yes, right before I graduated from the Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology from IFA Paris. I was trying to make sure which direction to go. I was constantly being asked by my friends about fashion advice, especially when they shop - that’s how my idea about: “immediate advice” was born. I was always looking at people on the streets and seeing how hard a lot of them tried to look good but maybe missed a little bit of knowledge… I strongly believe that if you walk out of your house confident about yourself, your day will be better, then a week, a month, a whole life! When you are happier you are open to welcome new opportunities and new exciting things in your life. It took me 21 years to build myself. And I wish FashIcon will help a lot of people recognize how beautiful they are in matter of days!

M.T.: You graduated with an IFA Paris Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology by presenting a beautiful final collection. What did you learn there? How your studies were valuable?

Ekaterina Lambert: I’ve learned that inspiration can strike at any time. Once you start to create something your mind never stops. You have to always be ready to catch your brilliant idea from millions of thoughts you may have every day. And all design projects I’ve worked at made me clearly realize that if your plan is not working, then change the plan but not the goal! If you believe in your design, idea and business model, stick to it! Make it work! You will find your way. Just never give up!Ekaterina Lambert

M.T.: You are also a fashion designer. Could you tell us more about your vision, your creations and about your aesthetics?

Ekaterina Lambert: I like helping people, or at the very least, trying to make their lives easier. That’s what my personal and professional ideologies are based on. My aesthetic vision… Let me explain with a Shanghai example: it combines the glamor, sophistication and luxury of Shanghai, with downtown bohemia, casual and Ekaterina Lambertpractical. Classic with a twist. For me, it all starts with the fabric. Because fabric talks, just like with an artist or a sculptor. The luxury of making a garment and making it by hand is the artistic side of me. That’s why, I can proudly call my graduation collection Couture as every garment has a lot of hand embroideries, stitching and fabric transformation. When I create clothes, it’s never about a fashion show. It’s just about my wardrobe. About what I desire to wear.

M.T.: In fact, with FashIcon you’re building a new kind of fashion lovers’ community…

Ekaterina Lambert: FashIcon is a community of dreamers! This app is very personal. It’s personal to me because it’s my baby which I was growing up for 21 years and I finally feel that my baby can stand on its’ own and make its’ first steps into the real world. And it’s personal to other users as they feel free to show who they are, promote their business, find opportunities, meet other people with big dreams, help each other and even who knows.. make some dreams come true!

To learn more about the program pursued by Ekaterina at IFA Paris: Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology