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Startup Launchmart Launches Open Collaboration to IFA Paris Alumni and Students
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Startup Launchmart Launches Open Collaboration to IFA Paris Alumni and Students

By April, 2022November 23rd, 2023No Comments

Launchmart is a startup that recently concluded the Foundry Startup Program on IFA Paris’ campus. They are a digital marketplace and web-based platform that creates, buys, and sells customizable and production-ready 3D garments as downloadable “templates”.

Launchmart provides and connects small-to-medium fashion brand owners with available pre-made resources, simple-to-use tools and a trustworthy network in order to fast-track their product’s development process and launch to market faster with minimal cost and upfront risks.

As they are entering their next phase of expansion, they have joined forces with IFA Paris to create an exciting opportunity and collaborate with the talents of IFA Paris alumni and students to join them in their creative processes.

How it will work:

Launchmart website

Students collaborating will develop design sketches according to client moodboards and design briefs.

This collaboration will be an opportunity for students to:

  1. Practice and gain real-world experience to better understand how to work in the fashion industry and what fashion brands expect from designers.
  2. Evaluate their unique skill sets and design ideas by allowing fashion brands to produce their chosen designs on a larger scale.
  3. Be able to see their chosen designs go to market and generate profit off of the manufacturing orders of their selected designs.

To participate:

For more information and to participate, contact: [email protected] and/or [email protected]

Diagram of collaboration

About Launchmart founders, Ruby and Tan:

After graduating from Broward College in Business Administration, Ruby and Tan have spent their time building their own fashion-tech company, Launchmart, to help fashion entrepreneurs with little to no design skills build and launch their products into the market without any hassle.

Their company was acknowledged and approved by France’s Ministry of Economics and was later on incubated in Station F – the biggest startup campus in the world, under Creative Valley.

IFA Paris fashion school supports young companies from their conception phase by helping them create, develop and expand their activities through a business incubation program.

The Foundry Startup Program is a 6 or 12-month incubator based in the fashion technology laboratory: Foundry Powered by IFA Paris. This program is for aspiring entrepreneurs and fashion start-ups who want to develop their concepts (brand creation, collection or product development, website development, etc.).