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An Unconventional Fashion Show during the EWWR by IFA Paris Students
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An Unconventional Fashion Show during the EWWR by IFA Paris Students

By December, 2022November 25th, 2023No Comments

The week of the EWWR (European Week for Waste Reduction), which raises awareness against the waste of the planet’s resources, ended on November 29th. On this occasion, IFA Paris organized several events including an exceptional fashion show of an entirely upcycled collection designed by our students.

The latter took place on Friday, November 25th at 6pm in the school’s premises, and mixed both eco-responsible creations and artistic performance since some of the looks were worn by dancers in partnership with the Centre de Danse du Marais.

Mickael Bilionniere, they offered us a dance performance of vogging and hip hop. It was an opportunity for the guests to discover fashion in another way, less polluting, more sustainable and festive.

This collection was made by our Bachelor Fashion Design & Tech. and Bachelor Fashion Sustainability students, it illustrates their creative visions based on recycling as a future fashion designer.

We are happy to have been able to expose our visions of fashion as a true social and societal engine.

Here are the looks from the show:

Coat designed by Hendriks Stephen, Julio Fanchini and Claudia De Leon. Designed from a bed quilt.

Designed by Nathan Vinot, Khushi Jain and Bhavri Bansal. A unisex look whose sweater can be transformed into a dress and designed with recycled fabrics..

Created by Gandis Rahma, Onyinye Hojoh and Sarah Thun. Skirt and top created from upcycled jeans.

Designed by Saida Namazoua and Jessica Angelina. Dress transformable into top and skirt whose fabric is composed of lots of small pieces of fabric scraps assembled.

Created by Sara Novara, Leonhard Kreisz and Anais Song. Patchwork technique on the jacket from fabric scraps.

Co Designed by Tsitsi Mustau, Ananya Swarup and Sally Rodrigues. Created on the basis of the Japanese upcycling technique of Boro and Shibui Tarashi.

Look designed by Florence Maltseva, Len Schildbach and Bhagya Pathmanaban. Entirely designed from upcycled denim.

Designed by Nana Kuffour, Shivangi Gulati, Disha Lokwani and Shreya Khiani. Dress entirely upcycled.

Look designed by Anna Freund, Haydee Redha and Tenzin Dolker. Made from thrift store clothing.

Outfit designed by Sophia Etse, Sarah Inchaurtieta Duriez and Yuval Sheffer. Skirt and top designed from an upcycled curtain and fabric.

Designed by Anais Buche, Jenny Morales and Cristina Marroquin. Zero waste look that mixes the colors of Guatemala and the straight shape is classic English uniforms.

Look created by Eva Buitvidaite, Flavia Toelke and Tergel Gerelkhuyag. Costume set transformed in an adjustable way to several sizes.

Created by Alexane Chaponot, Gaia Brogiotti and Zina Husseini. Cape made of patchwork of fabric scraps.

Created by Joycelyna Chiang, Brigitta Manukang and Mila Chiappori. Belt that can be worn in many ways and change the look of the ensemble.

Look made by Suzanna Conti and Soheil Rasoulinejad. Jacket remodeled and pants transformed into shorts and leggings.