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The Top 10 Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Brands to Follow
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The Top 10 Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Brands to Follow

By May, 2022November 25th, 2023No Comments

You want to consume sustainable fashion, but you don’t know which brands to turn to? Not to worry, IFA Paris presents its’ top 10 brands that combine both ethics and style!

Today, the fashion sector is seeing a 180° turn in consumer choice. Indeed, for several years, the question of the sustainability of fashion brands has been a hot topic. With this awareness, the brands and even the luxury houses have had to change their operating methods towards greener fashion. This has also allowed companies in the sector to innovate creatively. Even though the emergence of demand has increased significantly, consumers are not willing to sacrifice their style for ethical clothing. Responsible fashion designers have understood this and offer trendy collections, designed in organic materials, and made in France. Each one tries to meet as many ethical criteria as possible.

So, who are they? These sustainable designers will revolutionise your wardrobe!


A French brand with transparency as its watchword. Their products are made from Peruvian and Brazilian organic materials in factories that respect human and labor rights. Veja is a trendy brand that innovates to produce in an ever more green and social way.

Stella Pardo

The young French brand Stella Prado is committed to zero waste, reduced energy consumption and the use of natural materials. Bohemian style clothes that will make your looks fresher and more responsible.

Stella Pardo

Stella Pardo


Probably one of the most ecological concepts, the brand manufactures its products from recycled and upcycled materials. Responsible fashion with 80’s/90’s influences established in a circular economy of second hand, everything is made from recycled products to be still recyclable.


A trendy brand with sleek and original styles, committed to reusing existing materials. With a low-impact objective, this brand uses organic and biodegradable materials in addition to being made in Europe. Men and women will find their happiness in this eco-friendly style.

Thinking Mu

Of Spanish origin, Thinking Mu is daring and creates sustainable clothing with a fun and chill approach. It is one of the first eco-responsible brands in Europe, because for them, creating sustainable fashion is just common sense. Between ecological materials and short circuit, you will certainly find pieces that you will like.




This brand’s ambition is to make fashion more fair and ecological. Armedangels clothes are made from eco-responsible and recycled materials. They try to be as vegan as possible and the wool-based clothes are designed with respect for animal welfare. Chic eco-friendly basics to complete your style.


Made to last over time, SONGE lab pieces will be perfect to create your timeless wardrobe. Chic and sophisticated clothes made from sustainable materials selected in France and Europe, some of which are certified Oeko-Tex or GOTS. The must-have fashion that is made to last.


Transparent in its production, Saaj is the perfect brand if you are looking for a stylish and trendy outfit. With its sustainability approach, Saaj offers quality clothes, produced in France and Portugal, in limited quantities and in short circuit. What to make a responsible and unique look.


Quality materials, the objective of wasting less and total transparency, these are the commitments of Rosae. A French brand, fresh, elegant and colorful, the perfect compromise between sustainability and style.


Expert in basics, this brand is perfect for those looking to compose their capsule wardrobes. Natural and using recycled materials, its local production and an emphasis on respect of human rights, make Patine a classy and responsible brand.

If you want to study sustainable fashion, have a look at these two programs of ours:

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