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IFA Paris Partners with Caroline Nielsen to Develop “Only for Good” Social Platform
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IFA Paris Partners with Caroline Nielsen to Develop “Only for Good” Social Platform

By June, 2023November 25th, 2023No Comments
Caroline Nielsen

Caroline Nielsen is an entrepreneur, specialist in the luxury sector and creator of the knitwear brand Leetha. Since March 14, 2023, she trusts the students of the Bachelor of Fashion Marketing and the Bachelor of Fashion Sustainability of IFA Paris and their teacher Hélène Gille to develop Only for Good Online Launch, a solidarity platform.

It is a project designed to manage the donation of products and services from companies and brands that are sponsors or partners.

The idea is to be the intermediary between the donors and the beneficiaries of the donations. The latter are everyday heroes who act in the fields of health, care, community aid, home help, etc. Only for Good is betting that donors, rather than wanting to get rid of their unsold goods or support yet another deadstock depot, could give up their unsold goods to be redistributed to charitable people of their choice, whom they would decide to reward for their acts of altruism. This initiative is a great way for donors to enhance their brand image in a sincere and environmentally friendly way and add more human value to their unsold goods.  

“Only for Good” Platform

The students had the chance to participate in the construction of this platform in its logistical, strategic, and eco-responsible dimension. In a desire to participate in innovation in fashion and sustainability, the initiative will lead students to use several application technologies to generate and develop the Good Vibes system (value of products on the platform). These tools will help them create a new mode of circular exchange and redistribution.

A pre-launch will take place on June 6th and 7th during which an in-house test will be conducted and will showcase the implementation of the Only for Good platform’s sourcing and exchange system, as well as several first batches of donations uploaded and featured on the platform with their Good Vibes valuation. The connection between the donors and the final beneficiaries will also be established.

We look forward to seeing you on June 28th, 2023, the date of the official launch of the online platform, which will be based in part on the communication and logistics strategies proposed by our students in its final version.

An altruistic initiative, supporting everyday heroes and promoting luxury brands, this is a challenge that IFA Paris and Caroline Nielsen have decided to take up together.

For more info on the programs involved in this collaboration, please visit Bachelor Fashion Marketing or Bachelor Fashion Sustainability or contact our admissions team.