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Singles’ Day – The Chinese Black Friday
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Singles’ Day – The Chinese Black Friday

By November, 2022November 23rd, 2023No Comments

Every year, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and the last Friday of November. An American concept, now well established in France since 2010, “Black Friday” is a day of exclusive sales. The majority of merchants cut their prices to attract the largest number of consumers.

Every year in China, on the opposite of February 14th, November 11th is designated to celebrate Singles’ Day. The concept quickly charmed the rest of the world ! Nowadays Singles’ Day has become a huge shopping holiday similar to Black Friday. Although the celebration only lasts one day, it far exceeds Black Friday in sales.

China is considered to be the empire of fast fashion. This famous destructive fast fashion is a disaster for the planet and China is at the heart of it. The country is said to be responsible for 26 million tons of clothing waste every year.

China is often identified as the country of overconsumption and where pollution is a normalized subject. Fortunately for the planet, the Chinese fashion industry is turning more and more towards eco-responsibility. As the world’s 3rd largest producer of organic cotton behind India and Turkey, China has proven its potential to establish a 100% local fashion production.

Not many Chinese sustainable fashion brands are yet considering the new ecological issue, but some brands are becoming more and more concerned with the subject. For the first edition of Shanghai Fashion Carnival, the annual fashion event dedicated to young fashion designers in Shanghai, the theme of responsible fashion was in the spotlight.

ICICLE is the pioneer and leader of sustainable fashion in China since the late 1990s. The brand offers a wardrobe made of natural and biodegradable fibers, a production based on the principle of eco-benevolence towards mankind and the planet earth.

There are several sustainable brands in China, among them: HLA, the men’s ready-to-wear brand, Li-ning, the sports brand created in 1990 by the former gymnast Li Ning, or the brand JNBY. Created in 1994 by Lin Li, JNBY is one of the main designer clothing brands in China. It is a very influential women’s ready-to-wear brand in China.

That’s not all, in the list we find EXCEPTION by MIXMIND, which is a brand that is gaining popularity after the appearance of the first lady of China wearing the clothes of the brand.