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IFA Paris x RIVEA Collab: MBA Fashion Management Students Present Their Marketing Strategy
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IFA Paris x RIVEA Collab: MBA Fashion Management Students Present Their Marketing Strategy

By July, 2023No Comments

Last March, we announced our collaboration with Rivea, a trendy, eco-friendly swimwear brand positioned at the top end of the market and inspired by the style of the Riviera. Their collections are elegant, high-quality, and sustainable.

In the first phase of this collaboration, the Bachelor Fashion Design students were tasked with developing Rivea’s product offering by creating a beachwear collection. Then, in a second phase, the MBA Fashion Management students presented the brand with their launch plan, as well as a distribution and digital marketing strategy. This presentation took place on Wednesday May 28th, when five groups made their presentations to a Rivea brand representative and their digital marketing teacher, Marie-Véronique Contat.

During the first semester, the MBA Fashion Management and Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion Design students had already worked on the development of the Rivea platform and on strategic marketing recommendations. The presentation on Wednesday May 28th was therefore the logical continuation of this exchange project between professionals and IFA Paris students, enabling the students to put their skills into practice.

Marie-Véronique Contat gives us her impressions of this collaboration: “There are some very good things in certain dossiers. We expect the students to be very professional, very realistic, operational, concrete, and to use the skills they’ve developed at the IFA Paris, as well as their creativity. That they act as junior consultants on a mission entrusted by a brand. There’s no doubt that RIVEA will use the best of the students’ work to build its business plan for the brand’s development in France and Europe.”

Following this project, the brand seems very satisfied with the students’ work, as Alexandre Gaillard, CEO of Rivea, testifies: “With great professionalism, the IFA students immersed themselves in the brand, understood its DNA, its intrinsic aspect, its vision and its desire to move towards a new model. They reinforced our convictions and dispelled our doubts. This fresh, young look at our adventure opens up new, ever more creative perspectives in the image of Rivea.”

The students also felt valued, as MBA students Aliya, Sydney and Camila explain: “It’s great to work on concrete, real-life cases, and it gives us our first professional experience in the industry. We’re also lucky to have had direct feedback from the brand we worked for!”

At the end of this project, students could be offered internships, representing a real opportunity for their professional development.

Indeed, at IFA Paris, training the future talents of the fashion industry by allowing industry professionals to intervene is an essential aspect of our teaching. We strive to give our students a hands-on, immersive approach to the fashion industry.

Contact our admissions team for more information on the Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology, the Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion Design or the MBA Fashion Management.