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IFA Paris Istanbul Second-Year Fashion Design Student Competition
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IFA Paris Istanbul Second-Year Fashion Design Student Competition

By July, 2024No Comments
IFA Paris Istanbul Second-Year Fashion Design Student Competition

The IFA Paris Istanbul campus was recently abuzz with excitement during the fashion design competition, showcasing the extraordinary talents of second-year Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology students. The challenge? Transforming a simple black t-shirt dress into a wearable work of art. The results were nothing short of spectacular, and we are thrilled to share these highlights with you!

A Showcase of Creativity and Innovation

The competition was a brilliant display of creativity, innovation, and technical prowess. Each participant brought their vision to life, pushing the boundaries of what a simple t-shirt dress could become. From bold and avant-garde designs to intricate and detailed creations, the diversity and creativity on display were truly inspiring.

The Top Candidates

Let’s take a closer look at the top candidates who captivated the judges and the audience with their remarkable creations:

Alice Monse Monzenze

Alice Monse Monzenze: Alice stood out with her visionary design, scoring an impressive 383 out of 400. Her creation, combining intricate details and bold statements, earned high praise from the judges.

Randa Hadji

Randa Hadji: Randa’s creation, scoring 364 out of 400, blended modern aesthetics with storytelling, drawing inspiration from children’s books.

Noor Fatima Design

Noor-e-Fatima Zaidi: Noor’s artistic flair was evident in her creation, which scored 362 out of 400. Her ability to translate inspiration into a tangible fashion statement resonated with both the audience and the judges.

Dilara Amangeldi

Dilara Amangeldi: Dilara’s craftsmanship and innovative approach earned her a remarkable score of 359 out of 400. Her creation was a stunning symphony of contrasting colors.

Farah Elghul

Farah Elghul: Farah’s attention to detail, with a score of 346 out of 400, stood out through her creative use of lacing.

Evaluation and Recognition

The designs were evaluated by a jury composed of professors and classmates, based on creativity, functionality, and overall appeal. The scoring system allowed for a comprehensive and fair assessment of each design.

A Promising Future

The winners will see their creations showcased at various school events and featured in the upcoming end-of-year fashion show. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants. Your dedication, passion, and creativity have inspired us all. This competition is just the beginning of your journey in the fashion industry. Continue to dream big, create boldly, and push the boundaries of design.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting news from the world of fashion at our school. We look forward to seeing what our talented students will create next.