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The IFA Paris Fashion School Participates in ART MIAMI
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The IFA Paris Fashion School Participates in ART MIAMI

By December, 2022No Comments

For its’ 40th anniversary, the international fashion school IFA Paris has created a collection illustrating its values and named “Itinérance”. Representing the best of the creations developed by the school’s students, the collection travelled around the world advocating the values of multiculturalism, the spirit of mutual aid, and the imperative need for sustainability in the fight against climate change.

Manon Marasse - Graduate MACFD 2022

Manon Marasse – Graduate MACFD 2022

Its story began in Paris at a new venue dedicated to sustainable development, the TLM Building. It was then presented in Bosnia, as part of a round table on fashion and migration with the UN Migrations Office of the West Balkans. The next stop was in Istanbul where the French Consul offered his residence for a majestic fashion show. “Itinérance” then stopped in Venice for 2 months as part of the Art Biennale, before leaving for the United States of America for the first IFA Paris show during the New York Fashion Week.

The final stop of the collection pays homage to the fashion school’s artistic legacy as IFA Paris has been invited to choreograph a performance art piece in the Aqua Art Gallery for Art Miami.

This is not the first time the school has been present at this international event. It has already been invited, thanks to the Shim’Eco Art Collective, to present a 15-metre-long cape, entirely made of recycled plastic, to bring awareness on the growing issue of ocean pollution.

Leonor Schmidt - Graduate MACFD 2022

Leonor Schmidt – Graduate MACFD 2022

This year’s art performance took place on December 2nd at 3pm at Aqua Art. It sits at the crossroad between fashion and art. Ten Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology and Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion Design students’ creations were paired with 10 masks by Australian artist Jase King. From shadow to light, the progressive evolution of colour hues, textiles and silhouettes of each look questioned the meaning of fashion: is it an impenetrable protective armour or a mirror that reveals our true soul?

The show gathered an impressive crowd of art and fashion lovers and was relayed through a number of US Media. Ms. Cordelia de Freitas, Director of Aqua Art Miami, stated that “It was an honour to host this pivotal fashion show […]. The elegant and intricate designs of each ensemble were a stunning accompaniment to the setting of the Aqua Hotel”. Aqua Art is set within the eponymous Hotel Property, a perfect architectural example of Miami Architecture.

Thongchat Chinnabut - Graduate MACFD 2022

Thongchat Chinnabut – Graduate MACFD 2022

When asked about her thoughts on the performance, Ms. Lauren Radcliffe Clausen, Production Manager at Aqua Art Miami, mentioned that “The performance and designs orchestrated By Jase King and Jean-Baptiste Andreani for IFA Paris was a stunning addition to Art Miami this year! Its dramatic impact verged on ceremony and felt sacred to behold. We are looking forward to developing further curations and collaborations for 2023”.

IFA Paris wanted “Itinérance” to be much more than a typical fashion collection. It was meant as a journey punctuated by the ebbs and flows between physical and metaphorical worlds. It was also an illustration of the state of mind of artists and fashion designers, in perpetual search of creativity, looking for answers on a path filled with doubts and challenges.

Nicole Moore - Graduate BFD 2022

Nicole Moore – Graduate BFD 2022

IFA Paris is very grateful for the opportunity given by Aqua Art to showcase the talent of its students together with Australian artist Jase King. We are excited to further this partnership and come up with innovative performances for next year! See you in 2023 Miami!


Alycia Rae Dewit - Graduate BFD 2022

Alycia Rae Dewit – Graduate BFD 2022

Believing that art is a purely contemplative form of expression is everything that Jase King stands against. Raised at the crossroads of western and far eastern cultures, the artist is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is deemed acceptable to highlight important societal issues. Jase’s most recent artistic project focuses on the creation of masks. The context of their development, the confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic, provides a framework for deep introspection.

Each mask is a character linked with one of the artist’s facets. The “Agent Saboteur” mask relates most particularly to Jase’s inner voice in constant struggle with his most demanding critic: the artist himself.

Instagram: @jaseking