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GUESS Labs x Gen Z 5th Edition in Lugano
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GUESS Labs x Gen Z 5th Edition in Lugano

By July, 2024No Comments
IFA Paris Students GUESS Labs x Gen Z 5th Edition in Lugano

The fifth edition of the GUESS x Gen Z Lab provided an unforgettable experience for six second-year students in our Bachelor Fashion Marketing program. Held at the dynamic headquarters of GUESS Europe, this event allowed our students to collaborate with peers from other prestigious academic institutions, tutors, and staff members from across Europe. They also had the opportunity to meet influential content creators such as Angelica Siciliani Fendi and the Goglino sisters, who shared their expertise and creativity. Additionally, representatives from TikTok and Meta delivered captivating presentations on creating optimized content for their platforms.

A Major Challenge: Developing Social Media Strategies

This year’s challenge was to develop innovative social media strategies. Our students began their mission five weeks prior to the event by collecting data through “desk audits” and mystery shopper visits. Upon arriving in Lugano, they were divided into diverse groups consisting of members from the various participating institutions, enhancing networking opportunities.

Day One: Creating Content for Music Festivals

GUESS Labs x Gen Z 5th social media campaign photo shoot

GUESS Labs x Gen Z 5th social media campaign photo shoot

On the first day, participants were tasked with developing a social media strategy to promote pieces from the Guess collection in relation to music festivals, targeting Generation Z. Armed with their smartphones, they created engaging content for TikTok and Instagram. Photoshoots with professional models were organized to ensure high-quality visuals. This stylistic challenge was heightened by the limited choice of items, prompting participants to be highly creative. Throughout the day, they received feedback from influencers and GUESS staff.

After an intense day of content creation and preparing presentations for the following day, all students were invited to a cocktail reception at the chic “Al Lido” restaurant in Lugano. This convivial moment allowed them to meet various industry players, exchange ideas, and learn from each other in a relaxed setting.

GUESS Labs x Gen Z 5th Edition workshop

GUESS Labs x Gen Z 5th Edition workshop

Day Two: Analysis and Presentations

One of the highlights of the second day was the session led by Sociograph Inc. and Carmen Romano, who shared crucial insights into understanding both conscious and unconscious physiological stimuli using their cutting-edge technology. This session was essential for evaluating the effectiveness of the participants’ content. Some participants used this technology to track data, while others presented their work to the entire group.

Conclusion: A Launchpad for the Future

By the end of the event, participants felt a deep sense of accomplishment and gratitude, eager to apply the lessons learned from the GUESS x Gen Z Lab to their future projects. The Lifestyle Tech Competence Center and GUESS created an environment conducive to mutual growth and innovation, recognizing the importance of Generation Z’s ideas and creativity in shaping the future of digital engagement.

Our students were lucky enough to enjoy this enriching experience. You could be next! If you’re interested in marketing and social medias, find out more about our Bachelor Fashion Marketing program or contact our admissions team for more information.