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IFA Paris Fashion Design Students Collaborate with Lingerie Brand Adore Me
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IFA Paris Fashion Design Students Collaborate with Lingerie Brand Adore Me

By May, 2023No Comments
Adore Me

As part of their 2nd year of the Bachelor of Fashion Design & Technology program, our students had the chance to collaborate with a lingerie brand, Adore Me. French Fashion School IFA Paris is committed to offer academic projects in collaboration with industry professionals to its students in order to immerse them in the reality of the industry.

Adore Me was founded in 2011 to provide a simple solution to a complex problem: it is difficult to buy bras online.

Adore Me project presentation at IFA Paris

Adore Me project presentation at IFA Paris

By being the first lingerie brand to offer extended and inclusive sizing for all styles, Adore Me’s designers actively create and cater to what their customers really like, with sizes they can actually wear. They currently offer 67 sizes, A to I cups, with 30-46 bands. Just as they help push the industry toward inclusive sizing, Adore Me is also on a mission to make sustainable shopping more accessible. Many efforts have been made by their team since 2019. In 2022, Adore Me was the first lingerie brand in the United States to become a Certified B Corporation™. Knowing that the very nature of shopping is constantly changing, they place a strong emphasis on integrating technology into every function of the business. Their business is continually being disrupted by new technologies and the external factors that accompany them. Recognizing that changes in shopping and fashion are inevitable, their team of nearly 100 software engineers develop innovative shopping solutions such as subscription models with exclusive access and monthly fitting boxes that use a unique algorithm to select styles tailored to each customer.

As part of this collaboration, the 2nd year Bachelor Fashion Design & Tech. students of IFA Paris will design a capsule collection of 8 lingerie models in line with Adore Me’s philosophy and design principles. Each student will have to make a collection proposal based on the following criteria:

– Selecting the best raw materials such as recycled, biodegradable or recyclable organic fibres
– Integrating deadstock and smart technologies such as digital printing or seamless knitting.
– Reducing the use of harmful dyeing processes
– Offering inclusive designs for all bodies with excellent fit and desirability

Adore Me lingerie

Adore Me lingerie

Adore Me is a lingerie brand, a technology company, a B Certified™ Company, and more, but most importantly, it is a team filled with incredible talent and unconventional experiences working together to make the impossible (plus size lingerie and sustainable fashion), possible. IFA Paris is thrilled to partner in an academic project with the brand and thanks their teams for the trust they place in our students.

For more infos on the program involved in this collaboration, please visit Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology or contact our admissions team.