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Women’s Fashion Week 2022: The 7 Trends to Follow

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Women’s Fashion Week 2022: The 7 Trends to Follow

By February, 2022April 12th, 2022No Comments

Women’s Fashion Week is the most anticipated fashion event of the year. It is an opportunity for major brands to present their ready-to-wear collections. More and more big cities are starting to organize their own Fashion Week, but the major fashion trends of tomorrow are historically set in Paris, Milan, New York and London. Next up, it is in Paris, from Monday, February 28th to Tuesday, March 8th 2022, that Women’s Fashion Week will be held.

Here are women’s ready-to-wear collection trends that are expected to be both striking and daring this season.

The Color Block look

Explosion of bright colors, the color block is a safe bet and a known trend. From fuchsia pink to vibrant orange, through lilac or yellow, this winter has seen the emergence of daring and ultra-stylish looks. And it won’t be over anytime soon. We approve the pairing and combining of our closet’s brightest colors. Fashion will practically resemble a rainbow for the coming season. Tired of wearing dark colors? The color block trend combines strong colors to create a vibrant outfit that stands out. It is also present in prints for fans of bold pops: such as green Tartan on pink.

Oversized blazers for a gender-neutral style

Adapted to each body shape, blazers continue to attract enthusiasts. With the return of tailored fashion, the dad vest still has long seasons ahead of it. In an oversized version, with a pronounced waist and oversized shoulders: the blazer is a pledge of an elegant and conquering look. Blazers take part in the tailored look, a fashion trend that is both simple and chic, and most of its pieces are from men’s wardrobe. The oversized blazer jacket is perfect to embrace the gender-neutral style. It is the essential piece of every wardrobe.

The 2000s wardrobe or the Y2K aesthetic

It’s no secret that fashion is an endless cycle. Fashion likes to revive forgotten or abandoned trends. For a few months now, the 2000s have been back in the spotlight. Thanks to generation Z and their love for that decade. 

Rick Owens SS22

Rick Owens SS22

The total denim look, patterned tops, bootcut jeans, or micro-skirts… the Y2K aesthetic is making its way into our closets. To be sure to embrace it properly, head to Dua Lipa’s Instagram account, the biggest ambassador of the Y2K look. This year, low-rise jeans are among the must-have items, and they’ll be back in the spotlight.

Stylish knits and fringe

Whether from the brands Chloé, Christian Dior or Jil Sander, knitwear is in the spotlight. With a more modern and wearable look, wool, crochet and fishnet are adopting new shapes and colors to enhance their image. Very popular in the 70s, crochet is now making a comeback. To be worn over bare skin or a white t-shirt in summer, or as an oversized and colorful cardigan for winter, the only thing to avoid getting it wrong is to choose materials that are thin and light enough. Another one of our grandmothers’ favorites: fringe. They are making a comeback. Whether they are on clothes or accessories, fringe is everywhere. While they were found on handbags in 2021, this year they appear on our favorite pieces such as dresses, skirts and other tops.

The variations of cargo pants

Flashback to the past, once again, with the iconic pants of the 90’s, cargo pants. Originally designed as a military garment, they are typically covered with pockets, and rather neutral in color. The main objective of this type of pants is to be comfortable and practical. The cut is loose and the fabric is light. Its versatility allows it to be combined endlessly for looks alternately feminine, elegant, light or military. Available in several cuts, you can find them straight, slim, or palazzo.

The return of the catsuit

Why wear a party dress when the latest fashion is catsuits? This tight-fitting jumpsuit is the new star of the evening. From Moschino to Dior to Balenciaga, the emblematic 80s jumpsuit is sweeping the catwalks. As simple as it is chic, it comes in a multitude of materials, models and patterns and has been reinvented in 2022. It can be worn with an oversized sweater or a sweatshirt for a glamorous and sporty version or with a leather jacket and boots for a more rock look. It is the essential fashion phenomenon of social networks in recent months with the #catsuit which has 159 million views on TikTok.

The cut-out

The latest fashion shows have established it as the rising trend of the moment: at Balmain or Yves Saint Laurent, from New York to Paris, it is everywhere. The cut out is a clever work of cuts, revealing the body more or less. Whereas the neckline or the back used to be shown, it is now the collarbones or the hips that dare to have bold and unexpected cuts. Outfits are modern and can be combined with simpler pieces for an outfit that can also be worn during the day.

This year again, IFA Paris is proud to see one of its students take part in Fashion Week: Poppy Read who will be participating backstage at the Loewe fashion show to be held on Friday, March 4, 2022. A major fashion event since 1973, Fashion Week will once again bring Paris to life for a few weeks, and will reveal, through its shows, the future fashion trends.