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IFA Paris Istanbul Joins HOPE Alkazar in Collaboration with Nike

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IFA Paris Istanbul Joins HOPE Alkazar in Collaboration with Nike

By February, 2022April 18th, 2022No Comments

Our IFA Paris Istanbul Campus, at the center of historical beauties, also presents social and professional opportunities for students to further develop themselves.

The old Alkazar Cinema is one of them, with its history deeply-rooted in Istanbul. This historical cinema has undergone a transformation in the past few months and has emerged as a brand new platform. Alkazar Cinema has reopened its doors, calling the youth to action with the “HOPE Alkazar” platform, brought to life with the support of Nike in regard to sports, culture and art.Alkazar Dream Expo

Alkazar Dream Expo

IFA Paris Istanbul has joined “HOPE Alkazar”, focusing on the purpose of social goodness. With this cooperation, their goal was for students to experience the awareness of a sustainable future and to come together with a variety of people to further develop themselves.

Firstly, students attended the launch event of Refik Anadol’s “Alkazar Dream” exhibition at Hope Alkazar on February 10th.

More information on Refik Anadol: The Turkish- American new media artist and designer develops projects consisting of data-driven machine learning algorithms that create abstract, dream-like environments. One of his two most famous projects include Machine Memoirs: Space, the product of a long-term collaboration with NASA.

IFA Paris Istanbul Campus Students

IFA Paris Istanbul Campus Students

This exhibition utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to reimagine two million publicly available images of space taken by NASA satellites and telescopes, and the International Space Station, capturing the deepest regions of outer space.

The virtual experience-based art show curated by Refik Anadol at Hope Alkazar is inspired by the historical background of the Alkazar building and old Turkish Cinema Scene “Yesilcam”. IFA Paris Istanbul students got to experience the aura of several different decades. Students agreed that the ambient installation and the music took them to a journey of their own life from cradle to grave, with their happiest moments and saddest memories. The 30-minute show, started with the roller coaster of dreamy experiences and continued into Nike’s playground, again curated by Anadol, with interactive installations. When one touches it, it reacts. When one dances, it moves. One creates their own world, their own experience. IFA Paris Istanbul students thoroughly enjoyed that part, dancing around, laughing and fueling their energy and finding an outlet to get inspired for their designs.

It is essential, for our vision, to make sure that every member of our educational family can find an illuminating space to get inspired by their surroundings and discover the joy in their creations.