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What is Modest Fashion? A Seminar to Bring Down Stereotypes

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What is Modest Fashion? A Seminar to Bring Down Stereotypes

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Our fashion school, IFA Paris, is a veritable academic laboratory that is constantly on the lookout for the latest developments in the industry. We are constantly on deciphering and analysing new trends, whether they are emerging, established, creative, economic or societal. Their common denominator is that individuals, with their own characteristics, will always have a privileged avenue for constructive debates.

Modest Fashion Outfit Korea

Modest Fashion Outfit Korea

The MBA Fashion Management students benefit from Amal Sultan’s expertise during a seminar on modest fashion, a universe that raises a lot of controversy because it is still too ambiguous in people’s minds to be able to reach consensus.

Recognized for its openness and progressive philosophy, IFA Paris cultivates differences and strives to initiate change. The objective of this seminar is to lift the veil on the true values of modest fashion and on a dress code that is less stigmatizing than it seems.

Due to a lack of education or information, fashion, which is generally federative, still divides opinions on modest fashion. Considered by some brands as a new mantra, by others as a communication buzz tool, it leaves nobody indifferent!Cynthai Rowley Beachwear

Cynthai Rowley Beachwear

There is so much confusion around the practice that the shortcuts used to define it make it a reductive concept despite the tolerance and the universal language it would like to convey. Wrongly associated with Islamic fashion, its detractors give it a strong symbolic charge in connection with the restrictive norms imposed by religion. But far from being gendered, this fashion is not only the prerogative of Muslim women.

The purpose of this session will be to demystify the stereotypes associated with modest fashion and understand the reasons for the emergence of such practices. Interreligious but above all intercultural, Modest Fashion is characterized for example by ampler and less figure-hugging clothing. A fashion that is simply more modest than the dress codes adopted by the “emancipated woman” as defined by modern Western culture.

Far from the diktats that advocate a fashion “liberating body”, modest fashion simply supports a return to more discreet, less sexualized clothing. And if it was simply the catalyst of another form of freedom, that of a total harmony with its deepest convictions?