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UNRAVEL Magazine Created by Students of MBA Fashion Management – Media Major

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UNRAVEL Magazine Created by Students of MBA Fashion Management – Media Major

By April, 2021April 23rd, 2022No Comments


Within the pages of this UNRAVEL magazine, created by us, students at IFA Paris of MBA Fashion Management – Media Major, you will find our perspectives on three major themes that occupy the fashion industry at this moment – sustainability, diversity, and technology. All three topics being at the heart of conversations at IFA Paris.

To be honest, sustainability and technology were challenging to all of us. We were faced with the “sustainability reality check” very quickly. Talking about sustainability is very different than actually practicing it. In our decisions, we addressed multiple struggles ranging from “Should we rather not shoot any shoes than have an unsustainable version?” to “Are we using eco-friendly make-up?”, “Will people mind the dead fish?” and “Is the artistic expression more important than sustainability?” Obviously, we know it should all go hand in hand. So, have we made a 100% sustainable magazine? No way… Is it even possible? What we did make is a magazine that tackles these issues, raises questions, and makes decisions. Whether they are right or wrong is for you, the reader, to judge.

Another recurrent point kept occupying our minds as we were making the magazine. It relates to 2020, the year we are living it. Nice number, but that’s about it. It is a bit of an oxymoron – making our magazine a sign of the times, a memory of 2020, the year most of us would much rather completely forget than relive in memories.

Inevitably, in our writing and photoshoots, we were drawn to expressing what we were living through and experiencing since lockdown in March, the ensuing restrictions throughout the summer and autumn, and reconfinement in November. In visuals and writing, you will have a chance to find nods to suffocation in small apartments, creativity in uncertain times, search for hope, safety… Surprisingly, what we created was also what we, as a team, but also as people, needed – splashes of color, spontaneity, sparkling jewelry, people of all colors and genders. A cry for a bit of joy.

We hope you enjoy our work 🙂

Andressa, Divya, Ilay, Michelle, Valentine, Viktor & Yuna.

Download the full version pdf here: UNRAVEL Magazine