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Save the Date: IFA Paris Open House on Monday December 20th 2021

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Save the Date: IFA Paris Open House on Monday December 20th 2021

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Are you passionate about fashion? Are you considering a career in this fascinating field? Would you like to discover the different fashion professions and their corresponding training courses? IFA Paris fashion school invites you to its open house on December 20th at the heart of its Paris campus. Just like the atypical education provided, the format of the event will be… original, exciting and interactive! Join us for an afternoon of immersion, rich in discovery, experience and surprises galore!

IFA Paris’ Open House, see you at 2pm!

Rare are the days when the hustle and bustle is not evident behind the walls of 18-24 Quai de la Marne, in the 19th arrondissement of the French capital. The afternoon of December 20, 2021 will be an opportunity for all to discover the backstage and multiple facets of this bubbling industry that is fashion!

Traditionally, the presentation of the school will be given by the IFA Paris management and some members of the teaching staff. Students (some of whom are on scholarship) will also answer any questions visitors may have.

The conference will be followed by a detailed tour of the state-of-the-art facilities and equipment required for each program. In this temple of fashion learning: Design, styling, luxury marketing, merchandising or sustainable development are taught, all specialties that echo the diversity of existing jobs in the current fashion world.

Students who are particularly interested in Fashion Technology will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the high-tech equipment of the Foundry Tech Lab. This workspace concentrates all the resources necessary for the virtual creation of fashion (body scanner, Oculus Quest virtual reality goggles, prototyping software…). The Foundry Fashion Technology Lab is unique and dedicated to the students of the MBA Fashion Technology program, but is also used for certain modules of the Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology program and the MBA in Fashion Management – Apparel Major program. With a vision of stimulating entrepreneurship among young students, Foundry recently expanded its startup program to any entrepreneur who wants to launch a fashion startup. Calling all enthusiasts!Student designs at IFA Paris

Student designs at IFA Paris

Starting at 3pm, everyone will get to be a “real” IFA Paris student!

True to our unconventional teaching methods, after theory, it’s time for practice! In the form of workshops led by experts, everyone will have the privilege of slipping into the shoes of a real IFA Paris student for a few hours. Three main themes will be explored, leaving everyone free to choose the workshop that suits them best.

Workshop 1 – Learn the technique of sketching and unveil the designer in you.

The phases of a creative process vary according to the individual. Anastasia Grigoryeva, former IFA Paris student and Bachelor Fashion Design and Technology lecturer, will share her methodology and give you sound advice on how to identify your own. Thanks to the techniques of inspiration research, collages, moodboards and drawings, you will create your own design. At the end of the workshop, you will have the opportunity to transfer your design onto a Tote Bag, a unique piece that you can keep after the IFA Paris open house.

Workshop 2 – Learn Upcycling and become an ethical fashion expert.

As part of the Bachelor Fashion Sustainability program, participants will discuss the environmental impact of fashion. Our school, very committed to the more virtuous production of clothing, wishes to emphasize the potential of second-hand clothing. The only requirement is to master the techniques of deconstruction/reconstruction of second-hand clothing to give life to designs that are both sustainable and original.

Workshop 3 – Learn fashion marketing and understand the market’s requirements

The workshop will be structured around 4 activities (trend forecasting, consumer behavior, styling and idea presentation…). Practical cases that will allow each participant to discover both the commercial and creative aspects, fundamental notions to penetrate the insides of the fashion industry. All of these specialties are covered during the Bachelor Fashion Marketing program at IFA Paris.

IFA Paris mannequins

IFA Paris mannequins

But since fashion is also a never-ending challenge, a competition will be held at the same time as the activities. The prize for the winners? A Tech gift to make Santa Claus green with envy! But shhhh, we prefer to keep the surprise effect!

If unfortunately, you can’t be there on December 20th, you can follow the virtual open house scheduled for December 10th from 2pm to 4pm… This type of event, whether physical or digital, is the ideal opportunity for future high school graduates or students in transition to discover what goes on behind the scenes of the fashion industry and to confirm their choice of orientation.

All has been taken care of to make your presence easier, so you have no excuse not to participate in the IFA Paris open house: we are looking forward to seeing you on December 10th or 20th! To sign up, click here: Open House Registration