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More than a Fashion School: IFA Paris Istanbul Now Gives Consulting to Fashion Brands

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More than a Fashion School: IFA Paris Istanbul Now Gives Consulting to Fashion Brands

By March, 2021April 16th, 2022No Comments

IFA Paris, distinguished for international degrees, especially in the Luxury Fashion Management MBA and Fashion & Luxury Business Short Course, now takes a step forward in education and extends its perspective by giving consulting services to local and global brands.

It is an evident fact that change today is undeniable. For any fashion company to catch with the current trends and keep going with their vision, it is essential for all to adapt to today’s conditions. It is only possible with an accurate and a visionary planning and with a high consciousness of the industry to catch up with the change for a brand without losing its vision and its identity.

It is an important key to be durable especially against unprecedented events for a brand to keep existing on the scene. The new order and the unknown future all the fashion industry has been trying to adapt, which came with the pandemic, has proved that a spot-on branding and flexibility for change is how important for the brands to grow.

IFA Paris comes to scene to help brands exactly at this point. It offers a support plan for both local and global brands. It finds the solution to one common question all industry is asking: ‘What do we need to do next?’ and does this with its vast experience gained by providing the best graduates to fashion scene, with its precious academic and management team.

IFA Paris Istanbul Campus, offers consultancy in brand extension and in luxury brand management to both local and global companies with the lead of Istanbul Managing Director Adile Cretallaz and her professional and experienced team.

Being the founder and the managing director of IFA Paris Istanbul Campus, Cretallaz has a massive managing experience in marketing and consultancy services. She worked through every continent from Asia to Australia.

She established her own consultancy firm in Shanghai in 2005 and has been offering consultancy to both local and global companies through the globe since then and has now branches in Hong Kong, Istanbul, Paris and Shanghai as LSL Consultancy. The firm, led by Cretallaz, has worked with companies such as Louis Vuitton, Adidas, Chanel, Swarovski, Dior, Conde Nast Group, Turkish Airlines, Vogue, L’Oréal Paris and Apple.

Cretallaz now offers her consulting services through IFA Paris to local and global fashion brands after she opened IFA Paris’ doors to Istanbul fashion scene in 2013. She has also established a team that is well experienced in their field and that is always eager to learn, grow and help. IFA Paris Istanbul team is now ready to offer their knowledge and experience in brand consulting.