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IFA Paris Istanbul Now Offers Short Courses in Turkish

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IFA Paris Istanbul Now Offers Short Courses in Turkish

By March, 2021April 19th, 2022No Comments

IFA Paris Istanbul now offers their short courses in Turkish. Providing professional short courses for anyone who is interested in fashion or who has a career in the field and further improve themselves, IFA Paris Istanbul gives the opportunity to their students to experience IFA authenticity in education in their native language.

IFA Paris answers all questions such as how fashion has evolved into today’s shape, how one can style more creatively, how products are classified, what trends in the sector are shaped, how designs and creative thinking can be reflected to drawing, how possible to predict trends, how a product can be marketed better, how luxury brands work and how we brand our designs.

The school, which initiates various short courses every month, offers education for those who want to learn more about fashion or want to start a professional career in this field with Styling, Future Fashion Technologies, Luxury Retail Management, Strategic Marketing in Fashion Design, Trend Analysis and Research Techniques, Drawing Techniques, Consumer Behavior, Product and Category Management, Collection Creation and Range Planning Processes, Fashion History and Style.

Participants take the first step of starting a professional career in the fashion world with the education quality of IFA Paris with its experienced lecturers, and with the courses being coherent with international programs.

IFA Paris keeps pace with the new order of today’s digital world and do not forget about those who are passionate about fashion education during the pandemic. The short courses being online is ideal for those who want to improve themselves in their busy routines and cannot make enough time for physical classes. Connect to the heart of fashion from wherever you want today.

To get more detailed information about Short Courses in Turkish, you can visit our Short Courses Page or contact our team at IFA Paris Istanbul Campus.