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Fur = Environmental Protection? Find Out How IFA Paris is Once Again Challenging the Norm

Fashion Sustainability

Fur = Environmental Protection? Find Out How IFA Paris is Once Again Challenging the Norm

By November, 2021April 7th, 2022No Comments

As the focus on environmental protection grows within the fashion industry, luxury brands are abandoning natural fur products to privilege faux fur as a viable alternative. However, stereotypes on the color, feel and overall appeal of faux fur persist.

This summer, our IFA Paris Shanghai campus worked on a large-scale industry project, in collaboration with ECOPEL, to develop the first “IFA Paris Studio Fur Exhibition”. Ecopel x IFA Paris Shanghai campus

Ecopel x IFA Paris Shanghai campus

The objective was to help the public have a better understanding of innovative fabrics for clothing and environmental protection.

The project was structured around 3 phases.

The first step was focused on fabric selection and design development. At the end of June, a preliminary selection was made and resulted in the line-up of 10 design representing our students’ take on the reinvention of faux fur.

With their collection plan in hand, our students, together with 4 senior lecturers of IFA Paris Shanghai campus, met with ECOPEL to exchange on the production feasibility of the looks they developed.

The second step of the project revolved around garment making. During their summer vacation, our students and lecturers were busy ensuring that the 10 designs previously selected would see the light of day. IFA Paris is committed to provide practical experiences to its students by immersing them in real life projects. This collection with ECOPEL is yet again a perfect example of our teaching philosophy implemented throughout our network.

Student work showcased at The Balancing

Student work showcased at The Balancing

As is usually the case in a prototyping phase, our students went through a series of “back-and-forth” to adjust their designs according to production feasibility, design appeal and fit. The French fashion heritage, nurtured at IFA Paris, puts a particular emphasis on “confection” (construction of garments). Our senior lecturers in Shanghai had the opportunity to help our students hon their skills in pattern making and cutting.

The final step of this project revolved around the creation, and production, of a customized visual display for the students’ looks. Transversal skills, acquired through assignments that promote understanding of the various steps in the supply chain, are valued components of IFA Paris’ Teaching and Learning Strategy.

Thanks to IFA Paris Shanghai Campus’ strong industry network, an exhibition location was secured at the Balancing Store, a subsidiary of Bailan Group. Nestled within the flagship store of Shanghai “Pacific Place”, the exhibition has been accessible to the public throughout the Summer.

The exhibition was meant to be an interactive experience as the public was given the opportunity to try on the pieces designed by our students. Students designs showcased at The Balancing

Students designs showcased at The Balancing

This collaboration with ECOPEL gave our students a deeper insight into the ever-evolving fashion industry. Achieving the perfect balance between creative appeal and sustainability is part of the values that IFA Paris Champions throughout its academic programs. Students have the possibility to enrol in the specialized Bachelor in Fashion Sustainability should they wish to explore further the notion of durability.