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Fitting Day: MA Contemporary Fashion Design Students Present their Fashion Collections

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Fitting Day: MA Contemporary Fashion Design Students Present their Fashion Collections

By November, 2021April 7th, 2022No Comments

The Bachelor of Fashion Design & Technology is one of the most popular programs at the IFA Paris fashion school and is generally followed by the Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion Design the following year. It is no doubt that integrating IFA Paris is the opportunity to acquire a wide range of skills in all areas of fashion, but it is safe to say that our students are particularly fond of the end-of-year projects that consist of creating fashion collections from the ground up. Lecturer Anastasia checking details Lecturer Anastasia checking details

This past Wednesday, November 10, 2021, the Master’s students presented their collections to a professional jury. What will be the outcome? For now, it remains a mystery, but as in the TF1 (French TV channel) game show that has become a cult, all the students have had to face many challenges and in result, have invested 300% of their time to bring their adventure to a successful conclusion…

From the inspiration phase to the concretization of a collection, there are many steps to be followed. While the Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion Design program at IFA Paris is structured around multidisciplinary teaching modules (workshops related to the creative process, the fashion environment, communication, merchandising, etc.), particular emphasis is placed on entrepreneurial issues. During this year of specialization, the themes of strategy and commercial management, the economic, financial and legal aspects specific to the fashion industry are addressed. Matilde checking details on her model Matilde checking details on her model

In fact, the overall design of a fashion collection requires the student to wear all the hats of a business leader, because the talent of a designer alone is not enough to make a project a reality! As a stylist, project manager, sales, marketing and financial manager, this final module allows IFA Paris students to confront the complexity of the job. Facing a professional jury that is very much in tune with the realities of the market, they will defend the feasibility of their collection, both creatively and economically.

Around very varied themes, our students will unveil their own interpretations of tomorrow’s fashion. While Tamir paid homage to her Mongolian roots, Viora delivered her unconventional vision of everyday silhouettes. Lidia and Matilde focused on sustainability, while Leonor will take us on a journey to rediscover our senses. An inspiring theme already perfectly mastered by Matilde and Léonor, winners of The Unthreadings competition. Their prototype “Invisio” offered an immersive experience for visually impaired people, through the sensation of touch. A great demonstration of the usefulness of technology and the importance of the sensory in the new fashion creations.