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Maison Izard

6 Sustainable and Made in France Gift Ideas for Christmas Dec 2021

The holiday season is a time for over-consumption and buying gifts with a limited life expectancy. What if this year you focus on sustainable and made in France gift ideas?

Furoshiki 8th Century - Source Kaburagi Kiyokata

Furoshiki - Sustainable Japanese Traditional Wrapping Dec 2021

Gift wrapping made of fabric has come a long way from its original country: furoshiki, an ancestral Japanese technique, is taking Europe by storm!

IFA Paris - Paris campus corridors

Save the Date: IFA Paris Open House on Monday December 20th 2021 Nov 2021

Are you passionate about fashion? Are you considering a career in this fascinating field? Would you like to discover the different fashion professions and their corresponding training courses?

Lidia fitting her model

Fitting Day: MA Contemporary Fashion Design Students Present their Fashion Collections Nov 2021

The Bachelor of Fashion Design & Technology is one of the most popular programs at the IFA Paris fashio


What If We Took Care of Our Luxury Items in Order to Extend their Lifespan? Nov 2021

Who can say they’ve never felt thrilled by the idea of acquiring a designer item from a big fashion house?

Design by Ivo Barraza – Bachelor Fashion Design & Tech. Graduate

Foundry Startup Program: Incubation for your Imagination! Nov 2021

Technology is a hot topic in many sectors of activity and is progressively invading the world of fashion.

Bachelor Fashion Design & Tech. student working on his fake fur design

Fur = Environmental Protection? Find Out How IFA Paris is Once Again Challenging the Norm Nov 2021

As the focus on environmental protection grows within the fashion industry, luxury brands are abandoning natural fur products to privilege faux fur as a viable alternative.

Hana Tajima x UNIQLO

What is Modest Fashion? A Seminar to Bring Down Stereotypes Oct 2021

Our fashion school, IFA Paris, is a veritable academic laboratory that is constantly on the lookout for the latest developments in the industry.

The Rise of Virtual Showrooms - Source Fashion Network

Le New Black Project: 7 Ideas On What The Showroom of Tomorrow Will Look Like Oct 2021

Before the pandemic, the fashion world was rather closed to digital technologies.

The Winning Look by Matilde and Leonor

Adaptive Wear finally Has Its' First Dedicated Showroom in Paris! Oct 2021

The year 2020 has been very anxious for some, very creative for others.

Au Fil du Rail Artist Impression

A Derelict Train Station Reborn as a Centre Dedicated to Sustainable Development! Oct 2021

With campuses in Paris, Shanghai and Istanbul and thousands of cosmopolitan students and lecturers, IFA Paris has always had an international vision of fashion and luxury.

IFA Paris student working on a weaving loom

Revealing the Secrets of a More Sustainable Sourcing Approach Oct 2021

Buying raw materials cannot be improvised. Indeed, it requires a good knowledge of the market. This includes competitors, potential suppliers, but also and above all, customers.

Gucci Sneaker NFT

Will My Next Pair of Sneakers be an NFT? Oct 2021

The Metaverse, the virtual world where all things digital, gaming, 3D and alternate universe meet.

Textile created by biotech startup Modern Meadow

Are High-Tech Textiles Turning Athletes Into Superheroes? Sep 2021

Like Hollywood superheroes, athletes can now rely on high-tech fabrics to become more efficient in their sport. Fabrics for performance

Bachelor Students Orientation Day

Back to School Fall 2021: A Record Start for IFA Paris Fashion School Sep 2021

More than a year after Covid-19 broke out, IFA Paris opened its' doors to the new students of the class of 2021/2022 and no less than 174 new students joined the ranks.

Demo Day - IFA Paris Startup program

It’s a Wrap! Throwback to Foundry Powered by IFA Paris’ First Demo Day Sep 2021

On April 22nd 2021, the lights went up and the curtains drew open for the first demo day at Foundry Powered by IFA Paris.


Used Clothing to the Rescue of the Ecology? May 2021

In March, for World Recycling Day, everyone was invited to rethink their daily practices in an attempt to clean up the planet.

Leather goods & accessories

Sustainable Fashion Tips: How to Extend the Life of your Leather Clothes and Accessories? May 2021

IFA Paris Fashion School is aware that the fashion industry is extremely polluting and that it is important to commit to a more sustainable fashion.

Fashion Revolution Week 2021

IFA Paris x ISLA Collective Contest during Fashion Revolution Week May 2021

On April 24th 2013, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the Rana Plaza collapsed which caused the death of 1138 textile workers and injured many more.

Lady Gaga

Fashion Industry Marketing - Trendsetters & Influencers Apr 2021

Marketing a garment or an accessory is no longer based on the sole publicity hype in the classic media.

Stella McCartney and Alasdhair Willis

Fashion Designer Couples: The Anthem to Universal Love Apr 2021

The month of February traditionally wears its’ white coat but is just as invariably colored red on February 14th, Valentine's Day, the feast of lovers.

Silk scarf

Sustainable Fashion Tips: How to Extend the Life of Your New Silk Scarf? Mar 2021

Sustainable practices are multiplying to fight against textile over-consumption: second-hand purchases, clothing rental or conversion to ethical brands, our habits are changing, the features of ou

Fashion Tech Demo Day

Who’s Ready for the First Demo Day at Foundry Powered by IFA Paris? Mar 2021

It’s been 12 months since the first cohort of the Startup Program launched inside our fashion tech lab, Foundry Powered by IFA Paris.

MBA Fashion Technology at IFA Paris

MBA Fashion Technology Launches with a Bang at IFA Paris Mar 2021

As some our readers may know, IFA Paris has been pushing the tech and innovation agenda for the past 18 months.

Christian Dior's Bar Suit

The Iconic Pieces of the Great Luxury Fashion Houses Mar 2021

They are men or women, deceased or still alive, but they are all emblematic fashion designers who have left their mark on the history of clothing.

Adile Cretallaz

More than a Fashion School: IFA Paris Istanbul Now Gives Consulting to Fashion Brands Mar 2021

IFA Paris, distinguished for international degrees, especially in the Luxury Fashion Management MBA and Fashion & Luxury Business Short Course, now takes a step forward in education and extend

IFA Paris logo

IFA Paris Istanbul Now Offers Short Courses in Turkish Mar 2021

IFA Paris Istanbul now offers their short courses in Turkish.

Fashion Sustainability

Sustainability and Global Awareness in Fashion: The Most Essential Challenges in 2021 Mar 2021

It was possible to see what the past year has evolved in all sectors, especially in the fashion sector, but the concept of sustainability continues its life as an indispensable and challenging con

IFA Paris launches MBA Fashion Management with Apparel, Luxury & Media Majors Mar 2021

The past year has seen the fashion world transform, innovating and disrupting to produce content that deviated from the traditional ideologies of fashion.

Cashmere sweater

An Alternative to Consuming Clothes, Prolonging their Lifespan Jan 2021

Environmental concerns are driving us all to multiply sustainable practices, particularly in the fashion world, where the negative impact on the environment is regularly pointed out.

Understanding the French Fashion Tech Ecosystem

Understanding the French Fashion Tech Ecosystem - White Paper 2021 Jan 2021

In the modern world, technology is a necessity for progression and fashion is no exception to this rule.

Meltem Özbek

Meltem Özbek - Creative Perspective Inspired by Istanbul Jan 2021

Meltem Özbek, who was born and raised in Istanbul yet gained global recognition with her unique style, is welcomed by IFA Paris Istanbul after MBFWI to talk about the world of fashion and her care

Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology students work

The Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology is Now Available for Online Distance Learning Jan 2021

The year 2020 brought with it tremendous changes as the world was left grounded because of COVID-19, and the fashion industry was no exception.

French fashion designer Pierre Cardin

As a Final Farewell to Pierre Cardin Jan 2021

One of the great names in fashion is no longer with us...

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweaters - When Ugly Becomes Trendy in Fashion Jan 2021

For the past twenty years, as Christmas approaches, jumpers (sweaters) with prints that rival each other in ugliness have been flooding the shelves: an illuminated Christmas tree, a reinde