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Who’s Next Prêt-à-Porter Fair in Istanbul

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Who’s Next Prêt-à-Porter Fair in Istanbul

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The world’s most prestigious garment fair, WHO’s NEXT Prêt-a-Porter Fair, President Xavier Clergerie said ” Turkey became the most important 4. countries which import from Italy, Japan and Spain. From a producer country turned into creative of young, dynamic, well design brands and sophisticated designers. ”

More than 41 Turkish designers and brands participated in Who’s Next, in 2014-2015 which is the golden year of the fair in Turkey. In addition to many designers of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul that you can think of, Fashion Incube Istanbul and Urge designers brought 2014-2015 Fall / Winter collections to buyers. This year 2020-2021 Fall/ Winter, despite the fact that Covid-19, some Turkish brands and designers are still on the way to meet with buyers.

Çiğdem Akın - Turkish Designer

Çiğdem Akın – Turkish Designer

Çiğdem Akın, who participated in the fair almost every year, said about the return of the fair, “We have received wholesale orders from different design boutiques in the world in the past years. It is very important for taking place in Europe and for the development of the brands. Who’s Next opened doors for us in this sense.’’ Turkish Designers as Whos’s Next Exhibitor through the years Famous Turkish designer Mehtap Elaidi said that ” It’s time to reap the fruits of successful projects, that Turkish fashion is advancing with new designers and successful projects, and that ways are now being sought to turn it into sales. ” And also she underlined that the Who’s Next fair, which Elaidi herself has attended regularly for years, is one of the most important steps for Turkish fashion and brands in this context.